Kawasaki Ninja 1000 superbike rider wheelies: Helmetless cops on a Bajaj Pulsar BUST him [Video]

There have been many cases of bikers doing stunts on roads in the news recently. This particular one comes across as being the most hilarious case till now. The video comes from a YouTube channel named Snowcat, which is a private channel of a Canadian bike vlogger and stunter. The video talks about his encounter with the Indian police while he was stunting on an Indian road.


It’s apparent from the video that a video blog was being made. The guy on the bike, along with a photographer, went out for some stunt shoots, probably for branding stuff of the car show. The Canadian guy pulled off several wheelies for the camera. He’s riding on a normal public road amidst the traffic. He is seen riding a Kawasaki Ninja 1000 which is a very powerful bike, but more on that later. During one of his wheelie runs, he is spotted by some cops and they pull him over. There were two cops, riding a black Bajaj Pulsar and ironically, even they are helmetless as they pull up the guy for violating traffic laws.

The conversation goes on like this. The cops tell him that was he racing on the street. He says no and immediately told them that he’s from Canada and along with his friend (photographer) was just there to get some good shots. Then one of the cops says in Hindi that you are not supposed to ride like that with one wheel popping up, and that it’s wrong to do that. The cops, who don’t seem to know much English, call up the photographer.

Snowcat Wheelie Busted

He comes up and tells them that they are media people and were taking some video shots. Upon the cops’ objection, both the Canadian rider and the Indian photographer apologize to the cops. Amusingly enough, the cops shake hands with the Canadian guy before leaving. Later on, the Canadian guy seems to be quite amazed and says had it been his country, he would have got heavily fined. “It’s a $500 ticket or jail,” he says.

Coming over to the bike, as mentioned earlier, it’s a Kawasaki Ninja 1000. Its quite an expensive bike with an ex-showroom price of Rs. 9.99 lakh. The gorgeous bike is powered by a liquid cooled inline four engine good enough for 142 PS power and 111 Nm of torque. The bike used in the video is also apparently an Indian version, as mentioned in the video.

We at CarToq strongly recommend that you don’t indulge in such activities (stunting, racing) on public roads. Not only do you endanger yourself but also several others if you get involved in an accident. Heading to a track or a closed road with proper riding gears is a safe way to enjoy the performance of your motorcycle at higher speeds.