Kawasaki Ninja H2 and Toyota Innova road rage turns ugly: Superbike rider breaks mirror [Video]

kawasaki ninja h2 toyota innova road rage featured

Call it a lack of patience or a lack of knowledge about general motoring on the roads, but incidents of road rage have unfortunately been on the rise in India. When such incidents involve superbike riders, they tend to garner a lot of public attention. One such road rage incident, involving the popular YouTuber “Jatt Prabhjot,” caught the attention of netizens. In this incident, the superbike rider was involved in a heated road rage altercation with a Toyota Innova driver.

The incident of road rage was captured on the action camera mounted on Jatt Prabhjot’s helmet while he was riding his Kawasaki Ninja H2, accompanied by a couple of friends who were also riding their superbikes. In the video recorded on the action camera, the YouTuber can be seen engaged in a heated road rage confrontation with a Toyota Innova driver. Allegedly, the Innova driver was causing trouble for them with his driving behavior while the superbike riders were traveling together on National Highway No. 24.

In the video, the YouTuber claimed that the Innova driver had been constantly harassing them on the road by not giving way, honking incessantly while tailgating, and even attempting dangerous overtaking maneuvers. Just before a toll booth, the Innova driver even tried to enter the two-wheeler lane and allegedly threatened the superbike riders. During this altercation, the Ninja H2 rider came to a stop in front of the Innova, which was attempting to enter the toll booth lane designated for two-wheelers. In the process, there was a minor collision between the Innova and the Ninja H2.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 and Toyota Innova road rage turns ugly: Superbike rider breaks mirror [Video]

Agitated by the actions of the Toyota Innova driver, the YouTuber dismounted from his Ninja H2 and confronted the Innova driver, who had locked the vehicle from the inside by that time. The YouTuber attempted to create a scene, while his riding friends also blocked the two-wheeler lane at the toll booth. Out of frustration, the YouTuber began striking the driver-side window of the Innova since the Innova driver refused to exit the vehicle. He even damaged the driver-side exterior rearview mirror. To protect himself and the other occupants in the Innova, the driver reversed the vehicle and left the scene.

Who is wrong here?

This incident highlights two key conclusions, with both parties being at fault. On one hand, there are car and SUV drivers who attempt to bully or harass motorcycle riders due to ego, unnecessarily escalating road rage incidents and not allowing motorcycle riders to enjoy a peaceful ride. On the other hand, motorcycle riders should also ride responsibly within their lane and at controlled speeds. Furthermore, motorcycle riders do not have the right to damage a vehicle or physically assault another person involved in a road rage incident, as this constitutes taking the law into their own hands.