Kawasaki Ninja doing 299 Kph on Indian roads is MADNESS: What can go wrong [Video]

There is no doubt in the fact that Indian roads are one of the most dangerous in the world. Lakhs of accidents happen on the Indian roads every year and most of them turn out to be fatal. Even though speeding can be extremely dangerous on the Indian public roads, there are many, who dare to test the top speed of their cars and bikes. Here is a video that shows a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10RR that touches the restricted speed of 299 km/h!

The video by 10r_onsteroids shows the rider taking the motorcycle to a maximum speed. The video has been captured from the helmet-mounted camera of the rider, which clearly shows the speedometer of the bike. The bike is on a relatively empty public road and the video shows the fast acceleration of the machine. In about 22.3 seconds, the maximum speed of 299 km/h can be seen on the speedometer of the bike.

What are the risks of doing it?

But what is the risks that come with such speed test runs on the public roads? Well, there are many risks on doing such speed runs on any public road around the world. However, in India, the risks increase due to several factors.

The motorcycle in the video can be seen popping wheelies at higher speeds. It can be extremely difficult for a rider to control such high speed runs without experience. As per the video, the bike was put on the maximum traction control setting.

  • Most of the roads in India are not very smooth for such speed runs. A small bump at high speed can throw the rider off the bike. This Kawasaki ZX10RR gets the steering damper, which absorbs such shocks and allows the rider to ride the bike without making it out of control. The video above from the same rider on the same bike shows how a tank slapper can make the bike unstable at higher speeds.
  • In India, the pedestrians and stray animals are aplenty on the roads. They can appear on the roads suddenly causing an accident. At higher speeds, the reaction time is very less and the rider can run into the pedestrian or the stray animals. This is why one should always follow the speed limits on the Indian roads, especially on the highways. At lower speeds, the rider gets ample to time to react and apply the brakes and swerve the bike to avoid a collision.
  • Also, such high speeds are completely illegal in India. If an accident happens at such a high speed, the insurance will not provide any claim. Also, it is a criminal liability to tide at such high speeds and get into an accident.
  • No rider with any amount of safety gear can survive a crash at such a high speed. The rider will be thrown away and since it is not a controlled situation, the rider will hit several objects at an insane speed, which will be inevitably become a fatal accident.