Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Superbike rider escapes from cops without stopping: Posts video explaining his point

In recent times, the number of superbikes and supercars have increased by quite a lot in India. In metropolitan cities, different groups of superbike riders are a common sight, especially on the weekend. With the increased number of powerful machines, the cops have also increased their vigilante and often stop such groups to check the documents and sometimes, just harass them. However, there have been a few instances of rash riding on the public roads and here is one such video that shows a group of superbike riders dodging a police barricade to ride past them.

The incident happened in Panipat, Haryana on the bypass flyover. The video shows the three bikers stopping ahead of a barricade on the flyover and discussing how they will go ahead and what they will do if the cops ask them to stop. The rider who is leading the group can be seen going ahead with the predetermined notion that he will not stop if the cops ask them to stop. The video is taken by the GoPro camera of the rider who was in the middle.

The video shows that the cop waves the rider to stop. However, the rider increased his speed to dodge the barricade. Looking at the situation, a cop with a traffic cone tried stopping the rider by hitting him with the cone. Two bikers escaped the barricade by dodging the cops but the rider was sweeping, stopped at the barricade.

In the video, the rider explains the action of not stopping at the barricade too. He says that after getting on the Panipat Bypass flyover, which is 3.6 km long, they noticed a speed-check van parked on the side. Since the flyover remains mostly empty, the bikers were speeding quite a bit. However, when the rider spotted the van, he downshifted, which caused backfire and loud crackling sounds. The rider got scared and said that if they were stopped by the cops, they will have to go the court and it may become a big hassle with a lot of money involved too. The biker says after dodging the cops, he did not stop for at least 20-25 km and was riding at 250 km/h to escape the police.

The third rider, who stopped at the barricade said that the cops put a revolver on his head and asked him to call back the first two bikers. However, after an hour of negotiations, he paid Rs 2,000 and was released by the cops. The rider further says that the superbikes are not allowed on the Yamuna Expressway as the cops have started to stop them after a recent accident. Sometime back, the cops in Gurugram took action on the group of superbikes for breaking lockdown rules so they do not have good stretches to ride one anymore. He also says that the government should ban the import of superbikes in India if they cannot speed on the roads. Also, he mentions that track costs a lot and they cannot afford it.

Are the superbike riders wrong?

Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Superbike rider escapes from cops without stopping: Posts video explaining his point

Dodging the cops and escaping them is the definitely illegal and criminal case can be filed against them. Speeding on the public roads is illegal too and it can cause fatal accidents. Many such accidents have happened in the past too. The rider accepts in the video that he was speeding and the exhaust made loud crackles in front of the cops too. So it was definitely the bikers who broke the rules here and should have stopped at the barricade.

The cops were not right either

It is true that cops target superbike riders, especially after speeding incidents and accidents in the past. However, trying to stop any biker by hitting them with a traffic cone or any other object is wrong and should not be done. The rider could have lost his balance and fall down causing serious injuries. The cops should simply note the registration number and send an e-challan to home or they can set-up tighter barricades ahead to ensure that the bikers stop. In the past, the cops have issued challans based on videos on social media platforms and have even seized a bike that was doing 300 km/h on the public roads after the owner put up the video.

Stereotyping superbike riders?

While there are many who openly speed up on the public roads and boast about hitting the top speed on videos, there are many responsible superbike riders too. However, such incidents ensure that the cops and the general public stereotype the superbike riders and make them look bad.

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