Cops BUST 1000cc Kawasaki Ninja superbike: Asks why it’s LOUDER than a Bullet [Video]

The cops in India often come up with bizarre theories, especially if it is superbike. A new video shows a similar situation when Himachal Police stopped a Kawasaki Ninja 1000 riding in the mountains and asking the owner why is the bike louder than a Royal Enfield Bullet!

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 louder than a Bullet?

The video uploaded by Jatt Prabhjot shows a group of bikers that includes a Kawasaki Ninja 1000 riding in the mountains. A Himachal Pradesh police constable stationed to manage the traffic at a crossroad stopped the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 at the crosspoint. The video shot from the helmet-mounted camera of another rider shows the Ninja 1000 waiting beside the cop. When they asked the police personnel the reason behind stopping the bike, he replies that he received the order from SHO to stop the bike and says that he is coming to the post personally.

However, instead of the SHO, a traffic constable appears, and he starts to inquire about the loud exhaust note of the Ninja 1000. The bikers explain that because it is a litre-class bike, it makes a loud exhaust note. The traffic constable revs the idling bike and then talks back to the Station House Officer on the wireless device to tell him that he is bringing the bike to the police station.

Even though the bikers insist on getting the issue sorted at the spot, the police constable forces them to take the Ninja 1000 to the police station where the SHO is present. At the station, the officer asks about the loud exhaust note of the bike and also asks why it is louder than Royal Enfield Bullet bike. The bikers reply that when the bike is revved high, the exhaust makes a loud noise; otherwise, it stays silent. The biker even tried explaining by saying that the motorcycle gets six gears and they cannot climb uphill at higher gears, which is why the bike was in a lower gear with high engine rpm. However, the SHO was not satisfied with the answers.

The police officer then asked the biker to ride the bike in front of him. The rider did so by keeping the bike in a higher gear, which ensured a low exhaust noise. It is not shown on the video what happened after, but according to the video, the cops let them go without issuing a fine.

Cops BUST 1000cc Kawasaki Ninja superbike: Asks why it’s LOUDER than a Bullet [Video]

It should be noted that the exhaust on the Ninja 1000 is not stock. The Ninja 1000 gets a 4X2 exhaust set-up and is much quieter in stock form. The aftermarket exhaust is not legal in India and cops from various states have stopped regular bikes and superbikes with aftermarket exhausts and have issued a fine in the past. The aftermarket exhausts do not comply with the noise level norms set by the government, but due to the lack of knowledge and equipment like decibel meters, cops purely act on their intuition.

In this case, the SHO heard the bike from the police station and asked the constable at the check post to stop the bike. If the cops had a decibel meter, the loudness of the exhaust could have been appropriately measured. In the past, many aftermarket exhausts have been destroyed on the spot by the cops to keep the noise pollution in check.