Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R superbikes street racing at 250 Kmph on Indian roads is MADNESS! [Video]

With the superbike ownership and culture on a rise in India, what many tend to leave behind is the basic motive of bike riding and being a responsible rider. Most long term biking enthusiasts and professional motorcyclists will tell you that riding a bike gives them a sense of freedom and in a way, liberates the soul. What they will also tell you that the difference between a good rider and a pro rider is just a thin line with responsible written in between. Those who may be wondering why we are talking going all morals and ethics today, check out the video below that shows some mad antics being performed by a few superbikes on public roads.

As seen in the video, a pair of Kawasaki Nina ZX-10 series superbikes are wreaking havoc on a public highway. The title of the video itself says ‘Highway Battle’ and honestly, we are as a loss of words after seeing this public display of madness. The bikes can be seen performing stunts, dangerous manoeuvres, overspeeding, and cutting off the traffic from all possible angles. During the course of this video, the superbikes can be seen doing speeds in excess of 250 km/h several times.

Being hardcore enthusiasts ourselves, we understand how much one would love to unleash the throttle on an open road. But as the popular line goes – ‘With great powers come great responsibilities’, one must not forget that owning a superbike isn’t a license to smoke the roads. Following traffic rules is not only beneficial for oneself but also lessens the danger of a serious casualty with other road users. Some of you may say that the highway was clear and the road was nicely paved with on danger at all but let us tell you this, roads in India are never free of danger. You never know when a stray animal would jump out of nowhere on the road or a jaywalker would decide to cross your path at a wrong time.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R superbikes street racing at 250 Kmph on Indian roads is MADNESS! [Video]

Moreover, its also about the kind of message one spreads. Doing such antics and propagating them publicly makes the younger generation feel that all this is quite cool and the right way to ride a bike which is precisely not the case. The riders in this video are in full riding gears so that are not mere amateurs but their act of considering the highway a playground is not justified at all. One of the most popular arguments against responsible riding is where to unleash the power of your superbike. After all, one has spent a ton of money on it and if one can’t do any fun, what’s the point of it all.

This is exactly why circuits and tracks are built and we urge every auto enthusiasts to hit the track whenever possible. We also agree to the fact that there are only a limited number of circuits across India but that does not quite justify riding at speeds of around 250 km/h on an open highway. Moreover, this highway was quite busy and had it been a long, nearly empty highway, some of the antics could have been digested but that’s not the case here. Almost every city has deserted roads on its outskirts or some other closed section roads and they are perfect to test your bike’s limit. We urge all our readers to drive/ride responsibly, always wear the necessary safety gear and follow traffic rules for the safety of one and all.