Keep hammer in car during Cyclone Nisarga: BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation

The western states of the country are about to get hit by the cyclone Nisarga. The cyclone will hit the land in a few hours and the government and authorities have requested citizens to remain inside the homes. The cyclone may cause havoc and even cause waterlogging on the streets. While requesting everyone to stay inside their homes, the municipality of Mumbai has asked the citizens to keep a hammer inside the car if they are going out. Here’s why.

BMC used social media platforms earlier today to request everyone to stay inside the home. However, for any unavoidable reason, if someone needs to go out in a car, BMC has requested the car drivers to keep a hammer or any sharp object inside the car. Every year, the streets of Mumbai get flooded due to the monsoons and several cars get stuck in the streets. Since modern cars are all about electronics, often the fuse of the car blow out after coming in contact with the water and electronics stop working altogether. This may cause the doors to lock as the central locking system to stop working. Also, due to the failed electronics, the power windows also stop working, causing the occupants to get stuck inside the vehicle. The force of the water in waterlogged streets may also jam the doors. This is why the windows are the best way to come out of the vehicle during such situations.

However, the windows are made up of tempered glass and you cannot break them easily. This is why the authorities have asked to keep a small hammer, which will allow stuck occupants to come out of the stuck vehicles during the flood. You can also use removable headrests to put pressure on the window from the pointy end and break the glass. There are also special devices available in the market that can be kept in the car for safety.

Keep hammer in car during Cyclone Nisarga: BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation

Since one can get stuck for long hours due to waterlogging of streets and other factors like broken trees blocking the roads, it is always a good idea to keep extra water and a few snacks in the car. These things come in handy while waiting inside the car for long hours and wait for the water level to go down and clear the path.

Last year, two youngsters died inside an SUV while trying to go through a waterlogged underbridge. Their vehicle stopped in the middle and they could not come out of the vehicle for hours. It is always a good idea to wait for the water level to recede before venturing out. Also, if driving through waterlogged streets, stay away from big vehicles like trucks and buses as they create huge ripples that can throw your car off balance.