Watch big crowds celebrating a festival in Kerala make way for an ambulance [Video]

Emergency vehicles in India including ambulances do not get the right of way, unlike how it happens in developed countries. Indisciplined road users often try to get ahead of the other vehicles and give no way to such emergency vehicles. However, in the past, numerous videos of ambulances driving through Kerala roads have come up on the social media platforms show how differently the people of Kerala handle the ambulances and how they prioritize someone’s life over their celebrations.

A new video, which has been taken from the dashboard-mounted camera of an ambulance in Kerala truly shows the spirit of the locals. The video shows the ambulance speeding through the narrow, undivided roads of Kerala when a huge temple on wheels comes on the way. The ambulance dodges it by taking the vehicle off-the-tarmac and blares past the crowd. It is quite possible that the roads are sparse traffic due to the festival and that helps the cause of the ambulance too but videos in the past show how vehicles stop on the bank of the roads when they hear the siren of an ambulance. Even in the video, it can be seen that the other cars on the road give way to the ambulance by stopping on the side.

Nonetheless, after crossing the first the car-temple, the ambulance reaches another similar group but this time with more crowd around it. However, as soon as they hear the siren, the people make way to help the ambulance to get through and people can be seen guiding the emergency vehicle too. The ambulance then meets a bigger crowd with a convoy of two such temple-cars but the people celebrating can be seen moving the temple-car to side quickly and give way to the vehicle. Also, the crowd just disperses as soon as the ambulance comes near them showing a great level of maturity to understand that the time is crucial for emergency vehicles.

Watch big crowds celebrating a festival in Kerala make way for an ambulance [Video]

The ambulance crosses a total of 12 such processions on the way and each one of them gave a quick way to the ambulance ensuring that there is no delay in reaching the hospital. A few of them even stopped the drums and the music to ensure the smooth passage of the vehicle.

Earlier this year, a viral video was posted on the social media platforms that shows a huge crowd dispersing quickly amid the loud music and celebrations when an ambulance arrived and continued with their celebrations soon after. While similar incidents also happen once in a while in the other parts of the country, it seems like all the ambulances in Kerala are given the same treatment. It truly is magical to see how the crowd reacts to the emergency vehicles in the video and this what everyone else should learn and practice anywhere in the world.

It should be noted that blocking an emergency vehicle like a police car, ambulance, a fire engine is illegal by law and the culprit can be fined or put in jail for doing so. However, many people do nothing when they spot such emergency vehicles and continue to ignore them on the road that further delays the emergency.