Kerala businessman Boby Chemmanur bidding for Donald Trump’s Rolls Royce Phantom

Renowned Kerala Businessman Boby Chemmanur has been all over the news last year for bringing in a gold wrapped Rolls Royce in India. What makes this different from regular Rolls Royce is ofcourse the gold wrap but also the fact that, it is actually being used as a taxi. He offers a ride in this Rolls Royce Phantom VII LWB if customers book a package deal in Oxygen Resorts, which is owned by Boby Chemmanur. He is now planning to buy another Rolls Royce Phantom and what makes this Rolls Royce special is that, it is owned by outgoing President of the United States Donald Trump.



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Boby Chemmanur can be heard saying in the video that he plans to buy the Rolls Royce luxury car owned by Donald Trump and his organisation has fulfilled all the formalities for participating in the auction. His office located in Texas has already taken the initiative to participate in the bid and he hopes that he might be able bring that car to India. According to several reports available online, Trump was using this Rolls Royce until he became the US president and it was also one of his favourite cars.

One of the largest collector car auction websites in the world Mecum Auction have put the car for auction. The Rolls Royce in question here is a Phantom which has been customised with theatre package. It gets starlight headliner, electronic curtains and many other customisations. The car has already done 56,700 miles or  91,249 kms in the odometer. It is a 2010 model luxury car and is one of 537 cars manufactured that year.

Kerala businessman Boby Chemmanur bidding for Donald Trump’s Rolls Royce Phantom

Speaking to IANS, Boby Chemmanur said, “We are expecting a base price of Rs 3 crore, but I don’t know how the bid will go. There can be more car crazy people across the globe and I don’t know what the outcome will be. But I am on it.”

Rolls Royce Phantom is not just about luxury features and comfort. Under the hood, it is powered by a massive 6.8 litre, V12 engine  that generates a 453 Ps and 720 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. Boby Chemmanur is very well known businessman in Kerala and has several ventures like jewellery shops, hotel chains in several parts of India and around the world. He is popular for his unique approach towards marketing things or products. Boby Chemmanur had once brought football legend late Diego Maradona to Kerala for the inauguration his jewellery showroom.

The golden Rolls Royce Phantom VII LWB taxi that is owned Boby Chemmanur International group is offers to customers as part of a package. It is currently India’s one and only gold wrapped Rolls Royce taxi and it is available to customers at a very feasible rate. The charge for this package is Rs 25,000 which includes 2 day stay at Oxygen Resorts along with a 2 day ride for 300 kms in the Rolls Royce Taxi. Boby Chemmanur himself was also seen driving the RR taxi on the road. We hope Boby Chemmanur gets to bring Donald Trump’s Rolls Royce Phantom to India.