Kerala businessman BUSTED for doing roadshow celebrating his Bharat Benz trucks [Video]

Idukki, Kerala based businessman Roy Kurian, who first became headlines after not being able to register his BS6 Mercedes-Benz GLE has been booked by the cops. Kurian now has a case against him for violating the COVID-19 protocol in the state. He conducted a night party and also did a roadshow with eight new Bharat Benz trucks that he bought recently.

A case has been registered at the police station against Roy Kurian and the eight truck drivers. All the people were booked for reckless driving. Kurian received the consignment of eight Bharat Benz trucks on Tuesday in Kothamangalam. Following that, he took out a roadshow in the streets to celebrate the delivery of the trucks. Kurian’s Mercedes-Benz GLE was leading the convoy and he even got out of the sunroof and sat on the roof of the car.

The whole exercise was done to celebrate the arrival of the trucks and there was even a photoshoot of the trucks that was done near Boothathan Kettu dam. It is not known if the cops have taken any action against the violators after registering the case.

In May, Roy Kurian faced the wrath of RTOs when they denied registering his brand-new GLE. The RTO officials said that they do not recognise the SUV as a BS6 vehicle. It is not known if the issue has been resolved yet. However, the video shows that the Mercedes-Benz GLE that he is sitting on is still on yellow number plates, which are likely to be temporary. It is illegal to use a vehicle on temporary plates as per the latest order.

Kurian was filmed by the bystanders as he was sitting on the top of his car and was passing through the streets of the city. It remains unknown if he will have to pay a fine or will be arrested by the police. Before the fresh incident, Kurian was arrested for partying at a night club and breaking social distancing rules. He and many others were released on a bail. As per reports, Roy Kurian is the owner of Thannikkod Group that mostly deals in marbles among many other things. It is quite possible that he got the trucks for the business itself.

It should be noted that many states have restricted the movement of vehicles and even occupants inside the vehicles. Due to the increasing number of affected COVID-19 patients, such roadshows and public outings are strictly prohibited.