Kerala businessman offers ride in a Kia Carnival to kid who was kicked for leaning on Tata Tiago

Last week we came across a shocking incident from Kerala where a Tata Tiago owner kicked a 6 year old kid who was leaning on the car. The whole incident was recorded in a CCTV installed nearby and it became viral on the internet as well. Many people condemned the act of Tiago owner. The kid who was kicked by the Tiago owner was actually the child of a migrant labour. The kid suffered injuries is still admitted in the hospital and there is good news waiting for him when he gets discharged. A Kerala businessman has offered him a ride in his Kia Carnival luxury MPV.

The video has been uploaded by Oneindia Malayalam on their YouTube channel. The kid whose name is Ganesh was attacked by Shihshad in Kannur district’s Thalassery. Ganesh is the child of a Rajasthani migrant couple. Police has taken action against the culprit.  After the incident Tony Varkichan , who owns Achayans Jewellery in Kerala has come forward with help. The businessman visited the kid at the hospital, where he is admitted. He spoke to the parents and offered in financial help of Rs 20,000.

The report mentions that the kid still has no idea what exactly happened or why was he attacked. He is still in shock and same is the case with the parents. Tony Varkichan has offered counselling for the family to get out from the trauma that they are currently going through. Apart from this, Tony has also said that once Ganesh is out of the hospital, he would take him out on a drive in his Kia Carnival luxury MPV.

He would also take him shopping and had also offered other help that the family might need. Meanwhile, Commission for Child Rights would be taking statements from Ganesh’s parents. Thalassery police have asked authorities to cancel the driving license of the accussed and RTO has asked the accused to present valid reasons in front of the authorities if he does not want it to be cancelled.

Kerala businessman offers ride in a Kia Carnival to kid who was kicked for leaning on Tata Tiago

Mohammed Shihshad, the accussed has been slapped with various sections including Sections 308 (attempt to culpable homicide), 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) of the Indian Penal Code. The car has also been seized by the cops. The incident happened last week in Thalassery around 8 pm. Shihshad’s Tata Tiago was parked at a No Parking zone. Ganesh who sells balloons on the street leaned on the vehicle. When Shihshad saw Ganesh leaning on the vehicle, he walked towards the kit and without saying a word, he kicked he kid. The kid was in shock after seeing such a behaviour from the car owner. Locals gathered around the car and started arguing with the car owner. After some time, Shihshad left the spot.  After the video got viral, cops took action against the accused and he has been remanded for 14 days by Thalassery First Class Magistrate court. Many shops and roads in India now have CCTVs and that is what has helped the authorities in this case as well.