Kerala CM & other ministers’ official cars found speeding multiple times: Fines UNPAID

Indian roads are one of the most unsafe and dangerous roads in the world. While there are many accidents that are reported daily from corners of the country, government and cops try to implement the rules and stop people from speeding and other illegal things on the public roads. Well, quite often the authorities also break the rules and there’s nothing much that is done to make sure that they fall in line. An exclusive report on News 18 Kerala shows how the cars of Kerala’s CM and FM broke the speed rules for multiple times and the data is available on the public challan portal.

The report that was aired on the vernacular channel shows that the two Toyota Innova Crysta MPVs that are the official vehicles of the Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan have crossed the speed limit at least 14 times. The acts were caught by the speed traps installed throughout the state. His official Toyota Innova Crysta bearing the registration number “KL01 CB 7400” has been caught speeding as many as 5 times while the other official Toyota Innova Crysta bearing the registration number “KL01 CB 8355” has crossed the speed limit 9 times. This report is on the official Kerala Traffic Police website and can be accessed by the public.

Kerala’s finance minister, Dr T. M. Isaac Thomas, who also has the Toyota Innova Crysta as an official vehicle has been caught crossing the speed limits multiple times. His Innova Crysta bearing the registration “KL 01 CB 8344” has crossed the speed limit as many as 28 times. Even this data is available on the public website of the Kerala Traffic Police.

Kerala Cm Speeding Featured

Chief Minister and Finance Minister are regularly seen using the vehicles. However, it is not known if they were present in the vehicle when the speeding act was caught on the traps. Such fines are online and the cops do not stop the vehicle physically on the roads. The user has to check the vehicle’s registration number online and pay the fine accordingly. It should be noted that if the fine amount is not paid within a stipulated time, the vehicle’s owner also has to pay a penalty. The cops and RTO send a notice to the defaulters who do not pay the fine on time.

All the three Toyota Innova Crysta MPVs caught in the speeding act are registered to the Director of the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Since these are official government vehicles, they are registered to the local RTO. This is not the first time a minister has been caught on the public roads breaking the rules and speeding. Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ vehicle has been caught speeding multiple times. However, it remains to be seen if the Kerala ministers pay the fine for the illegal acts that they have done. It should be noted that Kerala rolled back the new fines on many illegal acts that were introduced recently.