Kerala cops vandalize parked motorcycles & scooters: Caught on video

A video from Kerala has surfaced, showing cops vandalizing parked scooters and bikes. This is said to have happened after the recent clashes between DYFI and RSS activists in Mavungal village, near Kasaragod.

What exactly happened?

The incident caught on CCTV happened at around 4 pm in Mavungal village in the district. A group of people pelted stones at the DYFI, youth wing of the CPM at Kottapara. The mob, allegedly comprising of BJP-RSS workers pelted stones on the youth wing of CPM after they were coming back from the rally to celebrate Independence day.

To tackle the situation, Kerala police reached the spot adorned in their vests, bamboo shields, and batons. As captured on CCTV, the police force hit the parked two-wheelers on the way while chasing a few people. After a few seconds, the cops return and completely smash the headlamps, tail lamps, mirrors of the two-wheelers and then kick it to the ground.

The police have registered cases against the mob under various IPC sections which include 147 (punishment for rioting). No one has commented on the video yet.

The video was released by a Facebook user, and it has been shared multiple times on the social media platform. Both the parties are blaming each other after the clashes. CPM district secretary Satheesh Chandran says that as many as eight DYFI activists were injured in the clash while BJP claims that eleven people from their party were injured after the clashes.

Not the first incident

This is not the first incident of vandalism by cops. Recently, during the protest of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu, various CCTV footages surfaced showing the cops vandalizing the vehicles on the road. Tamil Nadu government later asked for the detailed report on the same, but the reports were never made public.

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