Meet the Kerala dad who build tiny autorickshaw replica for his kids [Video]

We have featured many videos and pictures in the past where people had built miniature version of a car, bus and so on. Here we have one such story of a person from Kerala who had built miniature replicas of a car, bike and auto rickshaw to bring a smile to on the face of his children. Here is the story of Arun Kumar, and what made him think of creating these miniature working models for the children.

The video has been uploaded by History TV18 on hteir youtube channel. The video starts by Introducing Arun Kumar who is a resident of Kerala’s Idukki District and a nurse by profession. He is seen standing next to an auto rickshaw which he had created himself for his kids. The story behind this creation goes like this. Arun Kumar’s daughter wanted to a have an electric toy car on her birthday and when Arun went to a nearby shop to buy one he found that the toy car was too expensive.

He then came back and started figuring out a way to make one such toy car on his own. He started making drafts for the miniature model and after a time period of three months he came up with a fully functional miniature version of the Jeep. For this he had bought necessary material like 12V electric motor, frame of the miniature car and battery. He assembled them together to make a functional electric toy car.

Meet the Kerala dad who build tiny autorickshaw replica for his kids [Video]

He did not stop their, later he went on making a mini auto rickshaw from scratch. Just like the Jeep he had built earlier, the auto rickshaw was also all electric and is fully functional with both forward and reverse gear in it. Another good thing about the auto rickshaw that Arun had created was that most of the parts used in it are basically scrap. For example the front of the auto rickshaw uses an old dish antenna, the base or the floor of the auto is made out of metal sheet made out from beating down old gas stoves.

In comparison to the miniature models that we have on sale in the market, these models are way cheaper and look cool too. This is a perfect example of how parents try their best to make their children happy. Arun Kumar who as mentioned above is a nurse is also planning to come up with a motorised wheel chair for patients which will be cheaper than the ones currently sold in the market.

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