Kerala driver arrested after dragging a dog for 2 Km, car seized

Kerala Police launched an investigation after a video showing a dog getting dragged by a car on Friday morning. The cops have now arrested the culprit and have also put heavy fines on him. The vehicle has been seized too. MVD has also filed a case against the driver and recommended the RTO to cancel his driving license.

The incident happened in Ernakal at around 11 AM when a motorcycle rider spotted a dog chasing a car from a distance. When the rider came closer to the car, he saw that the dog is tied by the neck and is being dragged by the vehicle. He followed the car for about 2 km. The video captured by the biker shows that the dog is in pain and was even bleeding. The current condition of the canine is not known though. The dog has been injured badly as seen in the video. The biker stopped the vehicle and said that the driver of the car was acting in a rude way. Akhil, the biker then untied the dog and the driver of the car then drove away from the spot.

What we know from the updates is that the Kerala police registered an automatic case against the owner of the car, who was also driving the vehicle. The police have now arrested the driver of the vehicle and have filed a case against Yusuf at Puthanvelikkara Konnamhouse, where the vehicle was spotted dragging the dog. The driver has been filed under Sections 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code and also under the Cruelty to Animal’s Act. There are reports that suggest that an animal welfare NGO named as Daya filed a complaint too.

Kerala driver arrested after dragging a dog for 2 Km, car seized

The video became viral on the Internet after the rider uploaded the same on the social media platforms. The cops noticed the video and lodged a case against the driver of the vehicle. The vehicle is a commercial vehicle and as per the cops, it is used as a taxi. However, there is no information available on why the person did it or how did he manage to catch the dog by its neck.

With a rage on the social media platforms, it is unlikely that the driver of the vehicle will get a big punishment for this act. Since there is no provision for harsh punishment for animal cruelty in India, the culprit is likely to get away after paying fines for what he did. However, we hope that the person involved in the act get a punishment that will make him understand the pain that the dog went through.

There have been several such incidents in the past where street dogs have been attacked. In many incidents, small puppies have been injured due to similar attacks. However, due to the lack of stringent laws against such crimes, all the culprits were set free after small punishment and fines.

If you get to know about any such cruelty against animals, do raise your voice and always make a complaint against the offender. This ensures that people with such intentions do not have enough dare to do anything wrong against the animals, who cannot even speak for themselves.

Kerala police have even shared a message in solidarity to the dog on its social media platforms. Also, the cops have updated about the arrest and the sections under which the culprit is booked.