Kerala family travels to Kashmir on Yezdi Adventure and Royal Enfield Classic as tribute to Indian Army

People doing an all-India bike trip is not a new thing. We have seen videos of several vloggers and riders who have done such trips in the past. There are a set of riders who like to do such trips for a cause, here we have one such family from Kerala who are currently on their way to Jammu-Kashmir. The family of four from Kerala had started the all-India trip on their Royal Enfield Classic and Yezdi Adventure motorcycle on July 16. The family is doing this trip as a tribute to the Indian Army.

You can follow the progress of the family on their YouTube channel Jet Set goo

Rajeesh Paleri, who is currently running a business in Kerala wanted to join the Army but, due to various reasons he could not do it. The 50 year old businessman from Kozhikode’s Vadakara found this unique way to pay his tribute to the Indian Army. In this all-India trip, Rajeesh is not alone. He is accompanied by his wife Shyja, daughter Neehara Paleri and his son Vaishnav Paleri. With this bike trip, Rajeesh wants to draw people’s attention towards the Indian Army’s dedication and selflessness.

The family began their road trip on July 16 this year. Rajeesh Paleri and his family are travelling on two motorcycles. There is a Royal Enfield Classic 350 and a Yezdi Adventure motorcycle. The family covered the Western states on their way to Kashmir and would return via Delhi. The family plans to cover around 300-350 kms on a daily basis and they plan to complete the trip in 35 days.

On their trip, the family visited major military camps, museums and war memorials. Rajeesh had collected details about some army officers and soldiers who were injured in attacks. In the video posted by the family on their YouTube channel, Vaishnav Paleri, son of Rajeesh Paleri can be heard saying that they will try to make videos of such people or places if they allow them to do so.

Kerala family travels to Kashmir on Yezdi Adventure and Royal Enfield Classic as tribute to Indian Army

On their YouTube channel, the last video posted by them was from Gujarat. The family reached Gujarat on Seventh day and after that no other videos are available on it. It looks like the group is not getting enough time to edit the videos on their trip.

The family consciously made a choice to start their trip during the rainy season to make it more challenging as the army officers are always on duty no matter what the weather is. All four people in the family are wearing proper riding gear and are carrying all essentials for such road trips. Neehara Paleri, youngest member in the family aspires to join the Indian Army after graduation. It took the family around 3 months to plan this trip.

Rajeesh and family had done many bike rides in the past. Usually they ride to neighbouring states but, this is the first time the family is doing such a long trip. In case of a medical emergency, the family had planned to get in touch with their family doctor over the phone. The family had planned to seek help from the Army for lodging.