Kerala girl helps motorcyclist hit by a car: Wins praise on social media

A video is now going viral on the internet where a girl is seen picking up a motorcyclist from road who was hit by a car. The incident happened in Kerala’s Malappuram district Tirur region. CCTV footage from the spot where the accident happened revealed whole incident. The road looks narrow and there are decent number of vehicles on it as well. A bus can be seen coming from one side and a motorcycle is right behind it. After sometime, the motorcyclist tried overtaking the bus and that is where things went south.

There was a luxury sedan coming from the opposite direction. The rider did not notice the car and straightway rammed into the car. From the CCTV footage that is now available online, it looks like the car and the bike were both carrying good speed. After hitting the bike, the car lost control and the driver managed to bring the car to a halt within seconds.

The girl who is now receiving applause from netizens was standing right there. The car stopped in front barely missing her. It looks like she was waiting for a bus. After the accident, the rider was thrown away from the bike. He was lying on the road and a senior citizen who was there at the spot was the first to come near the rider. The girl did not panic and realised that the biker needs help. She ran towards him and she along with the help of the senior citizen at the spot picked up the biker.

Good thing was that the biker was wearing a proper riding helmet and if he had not worn it, then injury might have been fatal. The biker was lying down on the road and was still recovering from the shock when they picked him up. By the time locals came running to the spot, the girl had already picked the rider up. The rider could be seen standing up and checking for injury in the video.

Kerala girl helps motorcyclist hit by a car: Wins praise on social media

Driver in the Audi sedan which hit the bike had also come out to see if the rider was fine. It looks like the girl then moved to the other side of the road. Currently no details about the girl are available online but, she has been receiving applause for the way she reacted. If we notice the video clip, the car had slightly hit the girl as well but, she did not stop and just ran towards the biker. It looks like the car driver was not injured.

Reports suggest that road accidents are becoming quite common in Malappuram’s Tirur region. Road accidents can happen anytime. One should be extremely careful while driving or riding on roads especially in India. Other than car and bikes we have to be aware of jaywalkers, stray animals and cattle on the road. Always wear a safety gear while riding a two-wheeler. The accident video is actually a good example proving that how important safety gear is for a two-wheeler rider.

Via: News18 Malayalam