Kerala implements AI cameras to catch offenders: Here is how they work [Video]

The Kerala Government has decided to install AI cameras on National and State Highways across the state as part of the Safe Kerala Project, with the aim of reducing road accidents and traffic rule violations. The authorities are installing 726 AI cameras across the state as part of the project, with camera installation having been completed. These cameras will begin issuing challans from 20th April 2023. The state has spent over Rs. 232 crore from the funds of Kerala Road Traffic Authority for this project.

A video uploaded by Asianet News on their YouTube channel shows how these newly installed AI cameras work and catch offenders. In the video, the reporter is at the Data Centre located in Thiruvananthapuram, which was set up by Keltron as per the instructions from Kerala MVD. This is the main data centre, with other sub-data centres in every district. The video then shows feeds from cameras installed in different parts of the state. The MVD officer in the video mentions that the facility in Thiruvananthapuram is the hub, and it receives data from all the districts. After receiving data, the pictures are sorted, and depending on the location, they are forwarded to the respective areas.

The video report also shows the clear images that the AI camera can capture. The camera automatically detects a set number of violations and clicks a picture. It then sends the picture to the headquarters, which forwards it to the sub-data centre where the challan is issued. The cameras installed on the road can click high-quality images, even at night, as demonstrated in the video.

Kerala implements AI cameras to catch offenders: Here is how they work [Video]
kerala ai traffic cameras

The camera can currently detect offences such as riding a two-wheeler without a helmet, tripling, using a mobile phone while driving or riding, driving a car without wearing a seat belt, overspeeding, illegal parking, jumping a traffic signal, and so on. As part of the Safe Kerala project, the MVD officers have been conducting drives to ensure that people are following rules like lane discipline, speed limit, and not stopping on pedestrian crossings. The AI camera system is said to be inaugurated by the Kerala Chief Minister on the following day by 3:30 pm.

The department has also released the fine amounts for the above-mentioned offences. Riding a two-wheeler without a helmet will invite a fine of Rs. 500, while tripling will result in a fine of Rs. 1,000. Usage of mobile phones while driving or riding will result in a fine of Rs. 2,000, and driving without wearing a seat belt will result in a fine of Rs. 500. Overspeeding and illegal parking will result in fines of Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 250, respectively. The officer in the video explains that the camera can fine the same vehicle multiple times for the same offence. This means that if your picture is captured in one of the cameras for an offence, another camera will also capture your picture if you are seen violating the rule. Every time your picture is captured, a fine will be issued.

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