Kerala IT firm gifts Mercedes-Benz C-Class to its longest serving employee as a reward for loyalty

Showing gifts to employees is the best way to show gratitude and thank the employee for their service. While there is news of IT employers firing staff all around the world, a Chennai-based IT firm has gifted a brand-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class to its oldest employee. Webandcrafts, which is a global IT solution provider from Koratty Infopark gifted a Mercedes-Benz C-Class to its oldest and most invaluable employee.

Kerala IT firm gifts Mercedes-Benz C-Class to its longest serving employee as a reward for loyalty

The company released a statement and said that it is a gesture and a testament to the commitment to recognise the hard work of its employees. The car was gifted to Chief Creative Officer Clint Antony, who was the first-ever employee of the company and has remained with the firm since he joined it in 2012.

Founder and CEO Abin Jose Tom said,

Our employees are the backbone of our company and we are honoured to have such a dedicated and hardworking team. Clint has been with us since the beginning and has played a vital role in our success. We wanted to show our appreciation for his efforts and loyalty and what better way to do it than by gifting a luxurious Mercedes-Benz C-Class,

Kerala IT firm gifts Mercedes-Benz C-Class to its longest serving employee as a reward for loyalty

We are not sure about the exact variant that the employee has received but the most affordable variant of the C-Class in India has priced at Rs 71 lakh, ex-showroom. The top-end variant is priced at Rs 78 lakh, ex-showroom.

Many such gifts in the past

The tradition of gifting cars to employees as bonuses or loyalty gifts is not something new, as, in the past, several companies have done this ritual. In March 2022, a Chennai-based IT company Ideas2IT gifted 100 Maruti Suzuki cars to its employees, while another Chennai-based IT company Kisflow Inc gifted five BMW 5-Series cars to its loyal employees. The Harikrishna Group, led by famous diamond merchant and philanthropist Saavji Dholakia, gifted 500 cars in 2014, 1260 cars in 2016 and three Mercedes-Benz cars in 2018.

A reputed diamond merchant from Surat, Savji Dholakia, has earned headlines multiple times for gifting cars and houses to his employees. In 2018, Dholakia gifted 600 units of Maruti Suzuki Alto and Celerio to his employees. However, for those who did not want cars as gifts, Dholakia rewarded them with flats or fixed deposits.

The diamond merchant also gifted 1,200 units of Datsun Redi-GO hatchback to his employees on the occasion of the new year. Savji Dholakia announced cutting down on the bonus later and said that he is on an austerity drive.

There are many instances where employees have been gifted different kinds of automobiles including scooters, bikes and more things to the employees to retain them and keep them happy. What is the best gift that you have received from your employer? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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