Kerala man builds an electric jeep for his children

We have seen several videos on the internet where parents build miniature versions of vehicle for their children to play. We have featured several videos of similar type in the past. We have seen Rakesh Babu, who is a vlogger from Kerala build miniature version of Volkswagen Beetle, Yamaha RX100, Jeep and even an electric motorcycle. The miniature Beetle that he had built was using a motorcycle engine but, now we have a video that shows a Kerala man who has build a miniature soft top Mahindra jeep for his children to play.

The video has been uploaded by Food N Tips by safeer on their YouTube channel. The vlogger talks about how this mini Jeep was built and also shows the working. The vlogger starts by introducing the man who was behind this creation. This Jeep has been built by Mr. Shakir, who is a resident of Areekode in Malappuram district, Kerala. He has been planning to build a miniature car for his children for a very long time.

He mentions on video that, this is not something that he has recently created. The work of this miniature Jeep had finished over 5-6 years ago but, it is only now that it has become viral. The Overall look of this miniature Jeep is actually similar to the original one. In a place like Malappuram, Mahindra Jeeps are still used to ferry people and is a common sight there. The vlogger even shows a Mahindra Jeep passing by the road and the miniature version looks exactly like that.

Kerala man builds an electric jeep for his children

Mr. Shakir is an NRI and has built this Jeep himself. Every time he comes for leave, he works on it and he mentions that it must have took him almost 6 months to 1 year to finish this project. The chassis of the Jeep was built by him at his house but the body panels that are made from metal sheets needed a lot beating which created a lot of noise and when he realised that, it is going to be a problem for the neighbours, he took the metal sheets to a nearby workshop and rented the tools and worked himself.

Just like an original Jeep. it has leaf spring suspensions, metal bumpers at front and rear, soft top which can be removed, power window, LED headlights, power steering and so on. The Jeep is powered by a 1000 watts motor and comes with a manual gearbox. The video also shows, Shakir’s children driving the Jeep at ease. As this is a small or a miniature vehicle, the vlogger and Shakir were finding it difficult to fit in. As this is an electric vehicle, there is absolutely no sound from the vehicle.

This miniature Jeep has a driving range of approximately 60-70 kms and the overall cost of building this electric Jeep was around Rs 1.5 lakh. The Jeep looks very neat and can accommodate 4-6 children inside. Shakir is also planning to build an automatic scooter for children and also has plans to generate electricity for domestic use on his own.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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