Kerala man builds an electric motorcycle at home

Kerala man Rakesh Babu is a YouTube vlogger and a mechanic who had gone viral on the internet for making a miniature version of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle. The vlogger since then had made several miniature working models in the past including a Yamaha RX100 that runs using a chainsaw motor and electric Jeep for children. He has also done modification work on some motorcycles and cars in the past. He has recently been working on a new project where he was building an electric motorcycle for a firm. The work on the electric motorcycle has finished and Rakesh Babu has now uploaded the video on his YouTube channel.

The video has been uploaded by sudus custom on his YouTube channel. The vlogger starts by saying that he is doing this product for a firm who plans to launch this electric bike in the market. Rakesh Babu is building the first model or prototype of the bike for the firm and once they make minor changes, they will be producing it in mass numbers.

An electric bike was imported from China for this purpose and the vlogger broke it down completely and gave it a new shape. The bike which was imported actually has a Cafe racer body but, Rakesh Babu modified it into a 2-seater roadster model.

Kerala man builds an electric motorcycle at home

The bike had chunky looking tyres and spoke wheels with disc brakes at the front and rear.  The frame of the motorcycle was extended to install a longer piece of seat.

The dummy fuel tank and the side panels are all removed. Rakesh fabricated a new dummy fuel tank and side panels and the front forks were also replaced with units found Honda Unicorn. The area where the batteries are normally placed is also modified to accommodate bigger batteries. A fiber glass cover that looks like engine of a motorcycle is also fabricated to cover the battery area.

After all the modifications were done, the frame was completely painted to avoid rust issues. The mudguards that came with the bike were repainted to go with the overall look of the motorcycle. The fuel tank and the side panels were all painted in cherry red and black respectively. The vlogger then starts assembling all the parts to finish the bike. Due to time limitation, the vlogger could not finish some of the things he had in his mind when he started this project.

The headlights turn indicators, tail lights all came with the kit only. He re-did the seat and upholstery, handle bar and also gave it a grab handle at the rear. The accelerator and other switches on the handle bar are all installed. This motorcycle gets a hub mounted 2000W electric motor. The video does not show how the motorcycle actually feels to ride. This was not his personal project and that could be one of the reason why he did not ride it. Rakesh Babu has always surprised us with all his video and this time around, it was no different. The bike looks neat considering the fact that most of the panels were all fabricated in his small workshop with limited resources.