Kerala man builds a Lamborghini Huracan replica using scrap

Lamborghini is an Italian car manufacturer known for their expensive sports cars and SUVs . Lamborghini must have been bedroom poster car for many who are reading this article. Some of them would have also dreamt of owning it one day. Only a few have turned this dream of their into reality because of various reasons. We all are aware of the fact that Indian are good when it comes to finding alternate ways to fulfill our dreams and here we have a man from Kerala who built a Lamborghini Huracan Sports car that too using scrap materials.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Smoki on his youtube channel. We have seen several Lamborghini replicas in India and we have even featured some of them on our website. The main reason why this Lamborghini is different from them is because it is totally made from scrapped materials. This a miniature replica and by looking at the exterior, we can say that it is not the best looking replica that we have seen so far.

The body lacks the smoothness and finishing that we normally see in a Lamborghini or even a replica. All the exterior panels on this replica are made from flex banners. The headlight, air ducts all are hand made and that is clearly visible when we look at the car. The whole car has been made by Anas from Kerala’s Idukki district. Anas as a child itself was interested in cars and as has been planning for building a car for a very long time.

Kerala man builds a Lamborghini Huracan replica using scrap

The main motive behind building this Lamborghini replica was to utilise things that normally people throw away. All the materials used in the car is something that was thrown away by people. The frame and the alloy wheels were fabricated from a nearby garage. Once the frame was done, he also fabricated alloy wheels from the garage and installed old Maruti 800 tyres on it. The rims were so wide that a single tyre was not enough. so, he extended the width by attaching another piece of rubber from another tyre.

Just like Lamborghini, the engine is placed at the rear and it even gets a glass top. The engine used in this replica is from a Hero Glamour motorcycle. The The fuel filler cap is made from old plastic can. The wiring, lights, everything has been done by Anas. He learned how to make all these things by looking online. The nose of the car can also be lifted to avoid hitting the ground using the jack under the bonnet.

On the inside, it has power window switches, music system, reverse and front view camera, smartphone which acts as a speedometer. There is a decent sounding speaker system installed as well. It has dashboard made from scrapped materials with lights and switches made from old electronic items. The car gets a flat bottom steering with functioning paddle shifters. It gets 4 gears and a reverse gear. There is a sunroof and the exhaust note is quite throaty because it uses an underbelly silencer from KTM.

As mentioned above, this is not the best looking replica of a Lamborghini Huracan but, the initiative that Anas took to make this replica out of scrap materials is worth appreciating. We are sure that, if he had used proper resources, the final product would have been a good looking replica.