Kerala man builds miniature Willys Electric Jeep from scratch

Rakesh Babu from Kerala is an upcoming youtuber who became popular for his working miniature car and bike models. One of the most popular model that he had built in the past was Volkswagen Beetle which runs on a Suzuki Samurai engine. Rakesh, who owns a workshop also has done several modifications and repair work on several motorcycles. He as now been working on a new project for quite some time and the final video of the same has just been uploaded on to his youtube channel. This time Rakesh has build a working miniature model of Willys Jeep.

There are three videos on sudus custom youtube channel on this miniature electric jeep. The first and second video shows the contruction part whereas the third one one shows the assembly and working. The whole Jeep is build from scratch. Rakesh Babu chose rectangular shaped metal pipes to build the chassis and just like a normal car, it has upper and lower arm and suspension.

Once that front wheels are in place, he then starts building the frame for rear wheels. He builds a swingarm for the rear wheels using autorickshaw wheels. It also gets disc brake and sprocket for the chain drive system. Once this is sorted, he fabricated metal pipes to complete the frame.

In the second video, Rakesh starts building the body of the Jeep. He shows how he had fabricated metal pipes and sheets to achieve a Jeep like look to the elelctric miniature model. The rear suspension was also installed before starting the body work. After he had installed the rear suspension he stands on the frame to check if they are properly functioning or not. The frame is completely built on rectangular metal pipes which is sturdy.

A frame for bonnet is then fabricated from smaller metal pipes. The sprocket and disc plate is then installed on the rear axle. The Jeep powered by a 750W electric motor which draws power from a 48 volt lithium-ion battery. The body is then fabriated on metal sheets. Side fenders, wheel arches, front grille all are made from metal sheets. A proper functioning steering has also been installed on the electric SUV.

The electric jeep even has a reverse gear and a lever has also been installed just for that. The third part is all about assembling these elements, painting the whole car and finishing the project. The frame and the chassis on this Jeep was once again welded to make sure that everything stays in place. He even took it for a small test drive to find out if everything is working fine or not.

Rakesh then installed two bench seats with black upholstery and a formed a proper cabin at the rear for the 48 volt lithium rechargable battery. Body filler was then put on all the jeep to give it an even surface. A coat of primer was sprayed on to the body and once that has dried out, A coat of gloss green paint was sprayed on it. The wheels are also painted in black and it even gets sticker work on it.

Kerala man builds miniature Willys Electric Jeep from scratch

The finished product looks very neat and definitely looks like a miniature version of Jeep. The video even shows Rakesh Babu driving it on a narrow road. Just like other projects that he has done in the past, this Willys Jeep also is a handcrafted masterpiece.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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