Watch AWESOME Kerala man build RC Boat at home: Probably the world’s biggest [Video]

We Indians are known for coming up with ‘jugaads’ for almost everything. We always find a way to work around with the limited resources that we are offered and come up with interesting things. Here we have a video of a Kerala man who has build a remote controlled boat which is probably India’s or perhaps the world’s biggest RC (remote controlled) boat. On video, he shows how he made the whole thing and also shows how the boat works.

The video has been uploaded by M4 Tech on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing the process of building the boat. The vlogger initially cuts a long PVC pipe into four pieces. This acts as the base for the RC boat. He then seals both the ends on two PVC pipes placed in the middle.

After this, he comes up with another piece of PVC that is already connected in the middle using an elbow joint. This will be acting as the front on this boat. This piece of PVC is also joined with other pieces completing the shape of the boat. Over this PVC frame, he places a metal frame that he had made himself and the clamps in the frame hold the PVC frame together giving it the strength that it needs.

Watch AWESOME Kerala man build RC Boat at home: Probably the world’s biggest [Video]

Once the metal frame is fixed, the vloggers cuts out sheets of plywood to make a platform over the frame upon which he can stand. Once this is done, a simple railing is also build using small pieces of PVC pipes and joints. In the next phase he introduces two electric motors that will be propelling this huge PVC boat.

He has gone for two motors that will be immersed in water. The propeller or the motor is connected to a servo motor using a shaft. This is the component that helps in steering the boat to desired spot. The whole set up is connected to a receiver which is controlled by a remote control. This is the same unit that we have seen in many remote control cars and other toys. Couple rechargeable 12V battery is used to power this RC boat.

Once the construction is completed he takes the boat to a nearby waterbody and does trial runs. After couple of trial runs he gets on the boat and tries to control it while he is on it. According to the video, the whole process of making this boat took around (includes diagram and dimensions) one month. Given the fact that the vlogger only had access to limited resources, he has definitely come up with an amazing end product.