Kerala man builds tiny replica autorickshaw for his kids! [Video]

It is said that parents would go to any extent to make their children happy. Meet Arun Kumar Purushothaman, a man from Kerala who has built a mini auto rickshaw for his two kids. Arun Kumar who is working as nurse in Kerala’s Idukki district has built this auto rickshaw so that his kids could play with it. Without any further ado let’s take a look at the video first.

First of all, this mini auto rickshaw looks exactly like a minuaturised version of a normal Bajaj RE auto. Arun explains every bit about his creation in the video. He says it took him about seven and half months to complete this project from scratch. The front of auto rickshaw is made out of metal from the dish antennas and the base is made after beating down metal from gas stoves.

On the inside, the auto rickshaw has a working gear lever which helps it go forward and in reverse. It has switches for lights, wiper, horn and indicators. It even has a first aid box, mobile charging point and a proper music system with a speaker made from wrist watch box.

Kerala man builds tiny replica autorickshaw for his kids! [Video]

Unlike a normal petrol or diesel engine auto this mini auto rickshaw is powered by a 24V DC electric motor, which is connected to the rear wheels using a cycle chain sprocket. Arun Kumar says that this auto rickshaw weighs around 60 Kilograms and can carry weights upto 150 Kilos.

Now coming to the brakes, he has used a circular plate from the commercial cutters used to cut metal or wood to make a disc brake. The other mechanical parts of the disc brake are borrowed from a bicycle. The wheels of this auto are carved out of wood, and tyre resoling material is used above it to give it the look of an original tyre. He even shows the working suspension on the mini auto which in fact is similar to the one seen on the bigger auto rickshaws.

Kerala man builds tiny replica autorickshaw for his kids! [Video]

The rear portion of the auto rickshaw houses the two 12V batteries that power the 24V electric motor and connector to the batteries which is used to charge them. Arun has also used the rubber strips to create beadings around the glass area at the front and rear.

The wheels are made of wood, and covered with tyre retreading material for treads, and sides of the wheel have rubber sandal sole material.

The overall cost of making this mini auto rickshaw is not known. The end result is however a cool looking toy model of Bajaj RE auto rickshaw which brings smile to the face of anyone who looks at it.