Kerala man carves Royal Enfield Bullet model from wood

Royal Enfield is a very popular motorcycle brand in India and around the world. It is one of the world’s oldest motorcycle brand that is still in production. They have a variety of retro modern motorcycles in their portfolio but, Royal Enfield Bullet is the most popular among them. Royal Enfield Bullet is actually one of the most loved model. Old Royal Enfield Bullet models that are maintained well have a demand in the market. We have seen several modification videos based on Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic series motorcycles but, here we have a very unique video that introduces us to a man from Kerala who showed his love to the Bullet by actually building a full size model of a Bullet with wood.

The video has been uploaded by India Today on their YouTube channel. The video shows Jidhin Karulai,  from Kerala who has build full size model of a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle using wood. The reason why he chose Royal Enfield Bullet is because, it is his favourite motorcycle. The video shows a wooden model of RE Bullet that looks exactly like an normal Bullet.

Jidhin Karulai is an electrician by profession and it took him around two years to complete this project. Jidhin had used three different kinds of wood on the motorcycle. For the tyres, he had used Malaysian wood, whereas the fuel and rest of the other panels used Rosewood and Teak respectively. What makes this Royal Enfield Bullet model different from others is the attention to detail. Every panel on this wooden Royal Enfield Bullet is the same as the one seen on original Bullet. As mentioned above, Jidhin had spent around 2 years on this project and that is clearly visible in the video.

This is not the first time that Jidhin is preparing something like this. Almost seven years ago, he had prepared a miniature wooden model of Royal Enfield Bullet. This is probably the one and only Royal Enfield Bullet in the world that is made out of wood. Jidhin has taken care of all the rough edges and polished it well. Jidhin had worked abroad for five years and had bought a Royal Enfield Bullet.

Kerala man carves Royal Enfield Bullet model from wood

He used the original Royal Enfield Bullet that he bought as an example to build his wooden model. All the parts were individually made and assembled at a later point. In the video he can be seen taking out some of panels and fixing them back using a screw. The wooden Bullet has already become viral on the internet and people from far away places are travelling to Malappuram to get a closer look at the wooden Royal Enfield Bullet.

Coming to the total cost of making this wooden model, Jidhin has spent almost the same amount of money as an original Royal Enfield Bullet. The model looks neat and is one of a kind. Coming back to Royal Enfield, they will be soon be launching a facelifted version of their Classic motorcycle in the market. It is expected to get the new and revised 350-cc engine that we saw in the Meteor 350. They are also working on couple of other motorcycles including a 650-cc cruiser.