Millionaire Boby Chemmanur’s Ford F650 Blocks Road: Angry Public Vandalize Vehicle [Video]

angry public around F650

Kerala-based millionaire businessman Boby Chemmanur is often in the news for his unconventional style of marketing. He makes use of social media to promote his brand and even makes expensive cars and celebrities a part of this personality. The millionaire businessman recently imported a Ford F650 super truck to India from Dubai via Carnet. The pictures and videos of the truck are circulating on social media. Here we have a video where angry public is seen vandalizing Boby’s Ford F650 after it created a road block.

The video has been uploaded by JBI Tv on their YouTube channel. We already know that the F650 belongs to Boby Chemmanur. The truck even has several banners on it to indicate that it belongs to him. However, in this video we do not see Boby Chemmanur driving the truck. He recently bought a 1000 acre tea plantation in Kerala’s Wayanad. He also organised a New Year party at this newly bought property. Yesterday, we saw him dancing atop his imported F650. A few days back, we published another story where the Ford F750 truck was photographed next to a Mahindra XUV700, making the SUV look tiny.

It looks like more people visited the plantation for the party than expected. This created a traffic jam in the area. We already know that hill stations have narrow roads and a big truck like the Ford F650 was only going to make things worse. The Ford pick up truck probably caused the traffic to come to a halt and this probably made people angry. In this video, we can see a couple of guys hitting the fenders and doors of the pick up truck with their hands. They are shouting at the driver probably asking him to take the truck away.

One of them even climbs up through the steps and attempts to grab the driver. They even open the driver side door and try to pull the driver out to thrash him. Things were not looking good here. However, there was one person in the crowd, who was stopping the angry public and asking them to not hit the driver as that would only make things worse. It is not clear whether the truck hit any other vehicle on its way up to the venue or was the person simply angry because he was stuck behind a truck in a traffic jam. Also see: Boby Chemmanur’s golden Rolls Royce

Millionaire Boby Chemmanur’s Ford F650 Blocks Road: Angry Public Vandalize Vehicle [Video]
Angry public around F650

Whatever may the reason be, this was not the right way to behave. The person should have controlled his anger. He shouldn’t have attempted to hit the driver. The truck seen here is a LHD vehicle and driving a car like that in India comes with its own challenges. One has to get used to it and that is probably the reason why the driver was very cautious with the truck. Other reason was the dimension we already know from the images that F650 is a massive pick up truck and driving it on our roads is going to be a challenge. Another thing one should understand before hitting the driver or getting angry with him is that such acts are not going to help the driver or vehicle in any manner. Such behaviour is only going to make the driver more nervous and chances of him making a mistake increase.

The Ford F650 was recently brought to India and we also came across a video where Boby Chemmanur is seen dancing on the roof of the same pick up truck in his tea plantation. The pick up truck is available with both petrol and diesel engine options. The petrol version of this pickup truck is powered by a 7.3-liter V8 engine that generates 350 PS and 635 Nm of torque. The diesel version of the truck uses a 6.7-liter V8 engine that generates 330 PS and 1015 Nm of peak torque.