Kerala Minister Saji Cherian recovers Toyota Innova Crysta stuck on beach [Video]

kerala minister recovers toyota innova crysta

We have seen several videos in the past where people have driven their SUVs and crossovers on beaches and gotten stuck. In Goa, the government and authorities have started taking action against such people. Driving on a beach is extremely tricky, especially when you are in a 2WD vehicle. In the past, we have seen people drive off-road in their 2WD vehicle and get badly stuck. In most cases, these vehicles are recovered using backup vehicles. Here we have a video of a Minister from Kerala recovering a Toyota Innova Crysta, which got stuck in the sand on a beach.

The video has been shared by Manorama News. The video report mentions that the Innova Crysta seen in the video belongs to the Kerala Government, and it is used by Chinta Jerome, a young politician and Chairperson of the Kerala State Youth Commission. Chinta Jerome had come to attend an adalat organized for the people living in the coastal region. It is not known whether the driver of the government vehicle had parked the car on the sand or had driven the car onto the beach after the program was finished. Whatever the scenario may be, the Innova Crysta was completely stuck in the sand.

As seen in the video, the rear wheels of the MPV were completely stuck in the sand, and as there was not enough traction on the wheels, the wheels kept spinning. According to the report, the driver of the vehicle tried to get the vehicle out; however, all his efforts were in vain. As this was an adalat for people living in the coastal region, the Minister for Fisheries, Culture and Youth Affairs, Saji Cherian, was also present at the event. When he saw that the Innova Crysta was stuck in the sand, he decided to help.

Kerala Minister Saji Cherian recovers Toyota Innova Crysta stuck on beach [Video]

The Minister got into the driver’s seat of the Innova Crysta and instead of driving the MPV forward, he put the car in reverse gear and asked the security officers and the driver of the Innova to push the car from the front. Chinta Jerome can be seen standing next to the Innova Crysta. It looks like the minister had some experience in this area before. We can see that a coconut palm leaf has been placed behind the rear wheels of the MPV. This will give more traction to the wheels when the car is driven in reverse. After all the arrangements were done, Minister Saji Cherian asked his security officers to push the car, and he managed to get the MPV’s rear wheels out of the sand pit.

However, the MPV was still not recovered. In order to get to the road, the car had to be driven forward. The pit in which the car got stuck was still in front of it. In order to avoid getting stuck in it, people put stones in front of the front wheels, and a local brought a spade to fill in the pit with sand. Once the pit was filled, the minister drove the car forward and successfully recovered the vehicle. This video is a great example that shows why one should not take a 2WD vehicle on the beach.