Kerala MLA restores his 23-year old Toyota Qualis MUV [Video]

K. B. Ganesh Kumar is a politician from Kerala who was once an actor. He was previously featured on our website with his Toyota Qualis MPV, where he shared why he loves the car so much and why he has not let go of it even after many years. It turns out that the Qualis has become a part of his identity, and many people on the road recognize him just by looking at the car. Recently, a new video was uploaded on the internet by Village Vartha on their YouTube channel, where K.B. Ganesh Kumar can be seen talking about his beloved Toyota Qualis, which he has completely restored.

The work on this 23-year-old Toyota was done by Mr. Gubolt, a detailing studio in Kerala. As part of the restoration, the interior of the car was completely redone, as the seats had started to show wear and tear, and the level of comfort had decreased. The fabric seats were all removed and replaced with custom-made seat covers finished in black and brown dual-tone artificial leather material. Additional cabin lights were also installed.

The video mentions that Ganesh Kumar had maintained his car pretty well, but due to its age, some of the panels on the car had started to show rust. When the actor went on a foreign trip, he left the car at the workshop, and they completely worked on it. The front grille on the Qualis was painted black, and all the other panels were restored to their original state. Some portions of the car were partially painted after the workshop found rust on them. Most of the panels still have the original paint from the factory.

Kerala MLA restores his 23-year old Toyota Qualis MUV [Video]
MLA Ganesh Kumar with his Toyota Qualis

Last year, the same workshop did a paint restoration work on this Qualis, bringing back the sheen and gloss of the paint. This time, detailing work was done, but it is unclear whether Ceramic coating was applied to the car to achieve a factory-like glossy finish. The MPV looks brand new from the outside and inside. The dashboard of the Qualis was also repainted and finished in brown and black dual-tone.

K. B. Ganesh Kumar bought his Qualis in 2000 before he entered politics. He developed an interest in Qualis after sitting inside a Qualis owned by one of his close friends in the film industry. He was impressed with the ride quality of the vehicle, which is why he ended up buying one. In the video, he mentions that his Qualis has not given him any trouble to date and is working just like a new vehicle. The video does not mention how many kilometres the Qualis has actually clocked on the odometer. We have seen another Toyota Qualis from Kerala that had completed over 8 lakh km on odometer. He takes care of his vehicles as if they were living things, which is one of the reasons why the Qualis is still in such good condition. In one of his earlier interviews, the actor stated that he has no plans to sell this car, even if someone approaches him with a tempting offer.