Kerala MLA’s Mercedes Benz luxury SUV flying a Pakistan flag? Truth vs Hype

Internet is full of different views and contexts and sometimes people spread fake news. While the true intention of a fake news spreader is not always known, we can always put some light on the matter to differentiate right from wrong. Here is a Mercedes-Benz ML350 wrapped in fluorescent green colour and a flag on its front.

Pratheesh Vishwanath, founder of Hindu Seva Kendra posted the picture of the car and said, “This car is not from Pakistan… Its from Kerala… Kasargod Muslim League MLA Nellikkunnu Abdul Khader Ahmed Kunji’s car.” The tweet became viral on the Internet and has thousands of retweets too.

This is not a new claim according to The Quint. The same image came up in 2016 with similar claims and several users of the social media platform claimed that this vehicle has a flag of Pakistan. The car does not belong to Abdul Khader Ahmed Kunji and we definitely can say that it is not a Pakistani flag.

A Pakistan flag?

Kerala MLA’s Mercedes Benz luxury SUV flying a Pakistan flag? Truth vs Hype

The flag in front of the car clearly has a moon crescent and a star, which will deceive many into believing that it is a flag of our neighbouring country. However, the Pakistani flag has a white border to its right and the crescent of the moon faces in the opposite direction.

This flag that is on the front of the Mercedes-Benz belongs to IUML or Indian Union Muslim League. It is a registered state party in Kerala and is also recognised by Election Commission. The party is an ally of the Congress-led UDF or the United Democratic Front.

Who owns the car?

The car belongs to former IUML leader and Manjeshwaran constituency MLA Abdul Razak. He passed away in 2018. We are not sure if anyone else is using the car now.

Speaking to The Quint, former IUML leader and former Malappuram MP PK Kunhalikutty said,

“I had come to know about the false claim in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The flag that you can see in the photo is our party flag. The only similarity between Pakistan and IUML’s flag is the colour.”

So why the green coloured car?

Kerala MLA’s Mercedes Benz luxury SUV flying a Pakistan flag? Truth vs Hype

Mercedes-Benz introduced the “Crazy Colour” edition with the G63 AMG in the Indian market in 2015. Many customers after getting inspired by the crazy green colour wrapped their vehicles in the same fluorescent green shade.

In fact, Mercedes-Benz also offered a similar green colour to its other models like the A-Class in India. However, it did not become as popular in the country where most people buy vehicles in white colour for a better resale value. We are not sure about the original colour of this Mercedes-Benz ML-Class though.