Is Kerala MVD fining Rs 5k per alloy wheel as social media rumours say? We explain

Social media platforms are going berserk with the reports of Kerala MVD issuing challans for bizarre reasons. Many posts made by various people online claim that the Kerala MVD will issue challan of Rs 5,000 per aftermarket alloy wheel installed in any vehicle. That’s not all, similar posts also claim that the officials will issue challan for installing aftermarket gear knobs, play loud music, pasting stickers on the body, and more such unheard things. Kottayam, Kerala RTO enforcement officer Tojo M Thomas tells us how it works.

Is Kerala MVD fining Rs 5k per alloy wheel as social media rumours say? We explain

As per the official law, Tojo M Thomas had this to say to Vanitha. Mr Thomas clarified that the police and MVD officials will issue a challan for Rs 5,000 if a vehicle has aftermarket alloy wheels. It is NOT ‘Rs. 5,000 per wheel’ as reported by the social media platform posts. The officials will issue a challan for aftermarket gear knobs after inspecting the part. If the part hampers the safety of the vehicle in any way and does not allow smooth operation, there can be a challan.

As for other issues like loud music and stickers, there are no challans for the same. However, installing tint on the windows will attract a fine of Rs 250 as set by the Supreme Court of India. Earlier this week, a Royal Enfield Himalayan was issued a challan of Rs 5,00 after the officials found it with an aftermarket handlebar. Since Kerala Govt has now launched the e-challan system in the state, the fines are sent directly to the mobile phone number of the owner of the vehicle and can be paid online.

Will cops issue a challan to you?

The officials have not clarified if a vehicle with any type of aftermarket alloy wheels will get a challan or only the alloy wheels that are bigger in size compared to the stock. Since there are no rules defining such parameters, it will be a wise decision to keep the wheels stock. Most police officers checking the vehicles for illegal modifications use their own discretion to deem a part dangerous or safe. If a cop finds the aftermarket part safe and working smoothly, the cops or officials from the next checkpoint may not feel the same and you may get a challan.

The cops will also be on a lookout for modified, aftermarket handles on motorcycles and will issue a fine for the same. Even aftermarket exhausts are banned and are illegal to use on the public roads, and any vehicle with such parts will have to install the stock exhaust and get it verified from the RTO after paying the fine amount. In Kerala, accidents have dropped by 50% in August after stricter implement of the laws on the public roads as per the officials.

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