Kerala MVD announces fine for minister cars for violations: Ministers REMOVE sun film, curtains

Sun blocking films and curtains are banned in any kind of automobiles in India for a long time now. The order was passed by the Supreme Court of India in order to stop rising crimes against women in the moving vehicles years ago. However, there are still many who continue to use the sun-blocking films and curtains in their vehicles. Most of these people are the influential people working for or with the government and that is why most police officers fail to make them adhere to the norms. Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) has now intervened and has directed the ministers to remove the curtains and sun-blocking films from their cars.

Kerala MVD announces fine for minister cars for violations: Ministers REMOVE sun film, curtains

Motor Vehicle Department has directed the tourism department to immediately remove the sun films and curtains from the official vehicles of the ministers of the state. Transport Commission of Kerala has issued a letter to the tourism department for the same and sought an action soon.

The ministers are provided with the official cars from the tourism department. As the owner of the official vehicles, it is the tourism department’s responsibility to remove the illegal arrangements in the official cars. If the official cars continue to flout the rules and still have illegal additions, the Tourism Department is liable to pay the fine. So it will be a government department paying the fine to another government department if a few ministers do not agree to remove the curtains and the sun blocking films.

Ministers have started removing the film

A few ministers after receiving the order have already removed sun films and curtains as the video shows. According to the report, three ministers from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala have already removed the curtains and the sun films from their vehicles. Two more ministers have not responded to the order yet. However, they are likely to comply with the new order soon and remove the illegal additions from their vehicles.

It should be noted that only Z+ security cover holders can have curtains and sun-blocking films in the vehicles. In Kerala, only the Chief Minister is protected with Z+ security cover. The X-Plus and Z security protectees can have curtains in their vehicles but dark films are not allowed. The laws also bar official vehicles from having crash guards at the front and rear of the vehicle, footboard that is wider than the width of the body, rod to affix the flag and any kind of modification is not allowed.

Fine to be paid by the tourism department

Additional Chief Secretary, MVD issued the order to remove sun films and curtains in the official government vehicles. According to the order, the Transport Commissioner has directed MVD officials to carry special vehicle inspection called Operation Screen across the state. This operation will check all the vehicles including the official government vehicles for any aftermarket sun films or curtains. People who are not following the order will have to pay a fine of Rs 1,250 and punishment ordered by the court. The tourism department will pay the fines for government vehicles that flout the norms. The tourism department is yet to say anything about development. Only a few weeks ago, the MVD directed all the police vehicles to remove the bullbars or the crash guards from the vehicles.

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