MVD fines Yamaha R15 rider for removing mudguard

India was a country where two-wheelers meant commuting and a four wheeler was a luxury good. Now, things have changed and there are several two wheeler manufacturer who are successfully selling premium motorcycles in the country. With a rise in number of two-wheelers on road increasing, accidents, rules violations have also increased.

Last year, a supreme court had also passed a judgement that said any type of modification done to a vehicle is illegal. After the judgement, MVDs across different states have been doing strict checking and were imposing fines on such vehicle. Here we have a video that shows a Yamaha R15 rider getting fined by MVD for not installing a rear mudguard.

The video has been uploaded by Jittoz Demon on his YouTube channel. The video starts with the footage from rider’s GoPro. The rider was actually on his way to meet his friends at a cafe. As he was going, he suddenly recognises his friends motorcycle and stops on the shoulder of the road. he then looks for vehicles from both sides and turns around towards his friend.

The biker parks his motorcycle, a Yamaha R15 next to a Pulsar RS200 which belonged to his friend and got down. As he got down, he spots a Tata Nexon EV that belongs to Kerala MVD and the officer inside the car stops him. The vlogger had no idea why the officer had asked him to stay. Officer then gets down and checks the vehicle and asks for the license.

MVD fines Yamaha R15 rider for removing mudguard

Rider then asks the reason and to that, the officer tells him about the missing tyre hugger or rear mudguard. Motor Vehicle Department officer even tells him why it is important to have a rear mudguard. Rider nods to all the things that the officer was saying. Rider then tried to convince the officer that he has not completely got rid off the mudguard and is still with him. Officer tells him that mudguard protects the rider and also other road users from getting dirt on them.

The rider even told the officer that, he fixes the mudguard on the motorcycle whenever he is riding it during rainy season. Officer was not all convinced with the excuses and tells him it comes as a standard equipment with the motorcycle and why would he remove it. The exposed rear tyre might look good from the rear on a motorcycle but, it is not all practical as it can throw small rocks and dirt on the motorcyclist who is behind you.

Officer by now had noticed the action camera mounted on rider’s helmet and asks details about it. Then he asks for the license and the rider produces a digital copy of the same. He verifies details by entering the registration number into his system and tells him that he should produce the vehicle at the RTO and pay fine of Rs. 1,000 for not fixing the mudguard.

He also mentions that, the rider did not have the correct number plate on it. Officer gave a warning for the number plate and left the spot.