Kerala Motor Vehicle Department gets lux meter, tint meter & sound meter to check & book violators [Video]

Kerala MVD or the Motor Vehicle Department is infamous for its strict implementation of the laws. They always keep in the news for something or the other. The state government department has been acquiring new devices that work to implement the rules even better. Last year, MVD announced that they will acquire devices like lux meters to check the sound level of the aftermarket horns. The MVD Interceptors are now equipped with lux meters and many more new devices.

An MVD official shows the new devices to the media. The first device that he shows is a lux meter. It is a device that can measure the intensity of light. Since aftermarket headlamps are banned, many install high-intensity lamps in the current headlamp holders. The lux meters can be used to check if the brightness exceeds the prescribed limit. Extra bright headlamps can blind the driver of the vehicles coming from the other side of the road.

The second device that the police officer shows is a sound meter. It measures the level of sound in decibels. The device can be used to check the loudness of exhausts and aftermarket exhausts and the cops can issue on-spot challans depending on the reading coming from this device. Even in the stock exhaust, if you do changes to make the exhaust loud, his device can identify that easily. The same device can also be used to measure the loudness of a horn and aftermarket horns. Many use air horns or pressure horns, which are banned by law.

The high-tech MVD has also got hold tint meter. The sensors of this device are placed on either side of a glass to check if the tint on it exceeds the supreme court order. We are not sure if any other government or law-enforcement force use so many scientific devices to check a vehicle in India. MVD is known for their strict law enforcement and even cancelling the registration of the vehicles if they are heavily modified. The official even shows a high-tech alcoholmeter, which takes a picture of the violator while he breathes into the pipe.

Kerala has one of the highest numbers of modified or rather tastefully modified vehicles in India. With these new devices, the number of challans is expected to rise in the coming months. There is no information on how many interceptor teams have all these devices. Kerala MVD has also become the first law-enforcement department to get electric vehicles in the form of Tata Nexon EV.