Kerala MVD officers review the Tata Nexon EV SUV after 6 months of driving

last year, Kerala Motor Vehicle Department took a delivery of first batch of 45 Tata Nexon EVs. Government of Kerala has selected India’s own electric SUV Tata Nexon EV for its Motor Vehicle Department (MVD), as part of its ambitious ‘Safe Kerala’ Programme. Safe Kerala’ is a programme that focuses on significantly enhancing road safety by reducing traffic offences and addressing all related aspects holistically through mediums such as proper training of drivers, providing safe roads, raising awareness amongst pedestrians, and ensuring effective management of vehicular traffic. Officers have now been using it for quite some time and here we have a video in which an officer shares his experience with the Nexon EV after using it for almost 6 months.

The video has been uploaded by apple the vlogger on their YouTube channel. The vlogger starts by talking about the overall look of the EV. It looks similar to the ICE version. The only difference is the electric blue highlights and EV badge on the car. As this is an enforcement vehicle, it gets a beacon light on the roof. The officer then talks about the methods of charging. Nexon EV supports both AC and DC charging. The EV comes with a home charging plug setup which charges the car is 8-9 hrs.

If they use a fast charger, then Nexon EV will charge 80 percent in just an hour. In terms of running cost, the officer mentions that he is very happy with Nexon EV. A diesel SUV costs around Rs 5 per kilometer whereas the Nexon EV costs only 70 paise. The service cost of the EV is also very less. Tata Nexon EV has a claimed driving range of 312 kms and the officer mentioned that they manage to get 260 kms to 270 km of driving range.

Kerala MVD officers review the Tata Nexon EV SUV after 6 months of driving

The vlogger then asks about the driving dynamics of the vehicle. The officer tells that, the vehicle is a front wheel drive vehicle and as it is an EV, the power delivery is quite quick. In Sports Mode, the acceleration is instant and that even leads to wheel spin at times. He also mentions that they do not use Sports Mode quite often. The officer was also happy about the handling part and says that, it feels like you are driving a hatchback and not a compact SUV. The only negative that he felt about the Nexon EV was not actually about the EV. Like many other EV owners, he was also worried about the charging infrastructure in the state. If that improves, then the whole experience of owning an EV will change altogether.

EV owners also get other benefits like subsidy depending upon the state you are in. The registration plate on these EVs are green to differentiate it from regular vehicles. Nexon EV is powered by Ziptron technology that uses a 30.2 KwH high capacity lithium ion battery. The battery sends power to the electric motor which generates 129 Ps and 245 Nmof peak torque. In terms of performance and vibrations, the officer was very impressed with the Nexon EV and says that, apart from tyre noise nothing else can be heard while driving the car.