Wrongly parked vehicles: Kerala MVD collects Rs. 5 lakh as fines in a single day

Parking is always an issue in several parts of the country. With number of vehicles being purchased in the country going up, it is a major issue in metro cities where streets and roads are crowded almost all the time. Things are not different in Kerala. The roads here are narrow and almost all the time, you’ll find several vehicles on road. Parking vehicles on road side is a common sight across Kerala and when MVD took action against such illegally parked vehicles, they received fines worth Rs 5 lakh in a single day.

The video has been uploaded by Manorama News on their YouTube channel. People park their vehicles on foot path and side of the road. This was causing inconvenience to pedestrians and other road users. Pedestrians had to use road while the vehicles parked on side of the road were creating congestions. After receiving several complaints, Kerala High Court asked MVD to take action against violators. Parking vehicles on side of the road and foot path is actually illegal.

This initiative was called Operation Clear Path and on the very first day, they registered over 2012 cases. They received fines worth Rs 5 lakh out of which over Rs 2.25 lakh was received from violators from the spot. This operation was conducted in almost all parts of Kerala. Kochi registered around 440 cases, Thiruvananthapuram registered 410 cases and Kozhikode had 270 cases for parking on side of the road and foot paths. In Kozhikode alone, they has 8 squads for checking parking violations. All across Kerala, they registered around 2012 cases.

As this was just the first day of inspection, MVD had only fined Rs 250 for parking on side of the road illegally. They were all charged with section 177 of penal section which is for general provision for punishment of offences. Authorities confirm that, they will continue with Operation clear path in coming days and may be the fine amount will also be increased. Parking on side of the road even for few minutes might cause inconvenience for others and it is also a dangerous practice. It can even lead to accidents, if a vehicle coming from the rear hits the parked vehicle. Pedestrian also face similar threats as the driver or rider might loose control of the vehicle after he sees a person on the road suddenly.

Parking Rules

Wrongly parked vehicles: Kerala MVD collects Rs. 5 lakh as fines in a single day

Even today, many people who are driving vehicles are not aware of the Parking rules in the country. According to MV Act, It is an offence to park or abandon your vehicle at a public place where it may cause obstruction,  inconvenience, or puts other people in danger. Ensure that vehicle is parked according to the road signs or markings (if any) that indicates the manner of parking.

Other than the ones mentioned above, you cannot park your vehicle –

    • In the no parking zone or places in which parking is prohibited
    • On footpaths or far away from the footpaths
    • On private properties without the owner’s consent
    • On the main road or roads with high-speed traffic
    • On the wrong side of the road
    • On the path that has unbroken white lines in the centre
    • In front of the entrance of any premises
    • Near bus stops, schools, or hospital entrances
    • In front of any road signs that could possibly be obstructed with your vehicle
    • Near road crossings, a bend, top of a hill, or near/and on the bridge
    • Near any traffic signal or pedestrian crossings