Kerala MVD sends ‘registration suspension notice’ to modified Isuzu V-Cross owner

Last month, Kerala MVD took action against the owner of a heavily modified Isuzu D-Max V-Cross after receiving a complaint on social media. The team reached the home of the owner and handed a hefty fine of Rs 48,000 to the owner. However, Abin Babs Abraham, the owner of the modified Isuzu D-Max V-Cross challenged the team of MVD and said that he will take the case to court.

Kerala MVD sends ‘registration suspension notice’ to modified Isuzu V-Cross owner

MVD Kerala has now officially sent a suspension notice to the owner of the modified Isuzu D-Max V-Cross. The suspension is valid for 6 months or till the time all the modified parts are removed from the vehicle. After changing to the stock parts, the vehicle will need to be present at the RTO for a physical inspection before the registration suspension can be lifted according to the MVD Kerala.

The government department has also warned that if the changes are not made within six months. the registration number of the vehicle will be cancelled permanently. Till the registration is temporarily suspended, the vehicle cannot be taken out on the roads legally. It can be transported in a flatbed though.

Kerala MVD sends ‘registration suspension notice’ to modified Isuzu V-Cross owner

The registration is temporarily suspended under Section 53 (1). The post also says that the action is taken after the pictures of the modified Isuzu V-Cross were published online. If the vehicle fails to return to its stock form, Section 54 will be considered to cancel the registration permanently.

This Isuzu D-Max V-Cross is the most extreme modification job in India. It gets massive lift kit of 12-inches with aftermarket oversize tyres that make it extremely tall. It also gets a slew of aftermarket parts including a customised front bumper made out of steel pipes and widebody kit. It is also one of the most popular V-Cross pick-ups in the country and it made regular visits to colleges during events and festivals.

Kerala MVD sends ‘registration suspension notice’ to modified Isuzu V-Cross owner

There are many who have voiced their opinions against the actions of the MVD Kerala. Last year, the department issued numerous challans to the owners of modified vehicles and many of these vehicles were involved in the rescue operations during the floods in the state.

The MVD Kerala came into action after someone sent DM to them on social media and asked if they will take any action against the modified Isuzu. However, the MVD replied saying that the vehicle is not present in Kerala as per their knowledge. The person then shared the location of the vehicle in Kerala after which a team was sent to investigate. After the MVD team reached the spot, they issued a fine of Rs 48,000, which is expected to be challenged in the court soon.

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