Kerala MVD trolls bikers performing stunts on public road [Video]

Performing stunts and riding recklessly on public roads is illegal. People often get into trouble for engaging in such acts on the road. Recently, many of these stunts are done for videos that are posted on social media platforms. Such stunts often create inconvenience for other road users and can lead to accidents. Police departments in various states often release videos and circulars to raise awareness among riders and drivers, yet people continue to engage in these activities. Here, we have a video released by the Kerala Motor Vehicles Department, where they can be seen trolling a biker who skids and falls after riding recklessly on a public road.

The video has been shared by MVD Kerala on their Facebook page. The Motor Vehicles Department often shares such funny or trolling videos as they seem to be popular among youngsters who spend the majority of their time on social media. The original video of the riders on a KTM motorcycle went viral on the internet. Upon closer inspection of the video, it becomes evident that the bike and the riders are not from Kerala. The bike is registered in Bihar.

The bikers can be seen riding the KTM RC motorcycle recklessly on a busy road. The rider, as clearly seen in the video, is not wearing a helmet, jacket, or any safety gear. The pillion passenger on the bike is also not wearing any protective gear. The biker was riding the bike in a zigzag manner on the road, intentionally performing stunts for the video. The person recording the video was riding in front of the KTM. Eventually, the KTM RC joined the main road, and the biker took a turn that was too wide. The bike went off the road, but the biker seemed committed to capturing the video.

Kerala MVD trolls bikers performing stunts on public road [Video]
KTM RC ridden rashly

In an attempt to bring the bike back on the road, the biker rode over a patch of loose sand. As soon as the bike hit the sandy patch, the wheels lost traction, causing the bike to slip. The biker was unprepared for this, and both the rider and the pillion fell on the road. The bike ended up lying on one side of the road while the bikers were on the other side. The video concludes at this point. Fortunately, there were no vehicles behind them when they fell on the road, and they managed to escape major injuries. However, the bike will likely have some damages.

The Kerala MVD used dialogues from old Malayalam movies to mock the bikers for their behavior. They even mentioned in the caption that they did not have to issue a challan (fine) for this incident. Some social media users commented, pointing out that the bike was registered in Bihar and that the Kerala MVD cannot issue a fine. The video serves as a perfect example of why one should not engage in such stunts on public roads. The biker was clearly causing inconvenience to other road users and risking not only his own life and the life of the pillion passenger but also the lives of other road users, all for the sake of a social media video. It is because of such behavior by many irresponsible bikers that KTM also has a bad reputation among the public.