Kerala police officers get Revolt electric motorcycles for patrolling duties

Revolt Intellicorp Private Limited, commonly known as Revolt Motors, is one of the first EV automakers in the country to produce electric motorbikes. Recently, they delivered a few of their RV400 EV motorbikes to the Kochi Police Department in Kerala. The deliveries of these motorbikes were made on the occasion of World Environment Day to promote the brand and its commitment towards a greener future.

Sharing the pictures of the delivery of the RV400 on Twitter, Revolt Motors captioned, “Unleashing a custom-designed bike this World Environment Day for Kochi’s Fearless Police Force. Our Badass Electric Bikes! Powered by pure electricity, they’re silent but deadly, bringing eco-warrior vibes to the streets!”

In the pictures, two Revolt RV400 motorcycles with two policemen can be seen, but there is no clear information available on how many units of RV400s were delivered to the police department. Furthermore, the police chief can be seen cutting a cake to celebrate the delivery that took place on World Environment Day. In terms of the differences between the standard bikes and the ones delivered to the police department, it can be noted that the ones in the pictures have two additional storage boxes on the sides, and they also feature police lettering on the sides.

Kerala police officers get Revolt electric motorcycles for patrolling duties

Revolt Motors launched the RV400 back in August 2019. The EV motorcycle is powered by a 3.24 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. According to the company, the RV400 offers a claimed range of around 150 kilometers on a single charge. It comes equipped with a 3 kW electric motor, delivering smooth and instant acceleration.

In terms of connectivity features, the RV400 comes with a dedicated mobile app for remote control, battery status monitoring, locating charging stations, and customizing the exhaust notes. Additionally, it offers riding modes, namely Eco, Normal, and Sport, which allow riders to choose between maximizing range or performance. The company has set up the Revolt Grid, its own network of charging stations, to provide convenient access to charging facilities.

Kerala police officers get Revolt electric motorcycles for patrolling duties

Apart from the RV400, the company also offers a lower spec variant called the Revolt RV300. This model features a 2.7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and provides a claimed range of approximately 80-150 kilometers on a single charge. As for the motor, it is equipped with a 1.5 kW electric motor, delivering efficient performance for urban commuting. Similar to the RV400, the RV300 offers connectivity features through the dedicated mobile app.

Back in September 2019, the company announced that the first batch of motorcycles was sold out within four days after the launch. Rahul Sharma, Founder of Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. Ltd, commented, “The response to the RV400 indicates that the consumer shift is already underway, and that India is ready for the electric revolution. It reinforces our intent to continually deliver consumer delight and make EVs accessible to the masses with initiatives such as the MyRevolt Plan (MRP). In the last four days, we have had thousands of consumers at our hubs in Delhi, even without the showrooms being active, confirming their online bookings. Thank you, Delhi and Pune, we are delighted with your response and enthusiasm shown to us here at Revolt.”

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