Kerala police TROLLS Kiki challenge like a BOSS [Video]

Kerala police TROLLS Kiki challenge like a BOSS [Video]

The latest police force to join the condemnation of the Kiki challenge and warning performers against it is the Kerala Police. However, unlike other police forces who’ve mostly released statements regarding the dangers of the challenge, the cops from Kerala have released a video trolling the absurd challenge.

The video shows a man attempting to do the challenge. As the man dances around, he somehow gets ahead of the open door of the car, which then sends him flying, which is then followed by a warning, asking citizens to refrain from doing the challenge.

The Kerala police’s hilarious warning against the Kiki challenge is one of the funniest we’ve seen but it also sends out a strong message to those still thinking of joining in on the madness of the challenge inspired by a song by Drake. The fact of the matter is quite simple, the challenge not only puts the dancer in danger but also is a hindrance to other motorists on the road who are going about their daily commute every day and have to avoid these wannabes bouncing around on the road as well as the open car doors.

Ever since Canadian rapper Drake dropped the fifth single from his 2018 album Scorpion in the form of the bounce track, In My Feelings, a viral internet meme by the name of the Kiki Challenge (also known as the Shiggy Challenge or the In My Feelings Challenge) inspired by the song has been doing the rounds across the world wide web. However, while the challenge is an internet meme, the dangers posed to and by the people doing it is frankly not funny at all.

The Kiki Challenge involves people getting out of their cars and onto the road as the car moves, while dancing in the moving traffic and then returning to the car as the Drake record plays. While it may seem hilarious to the people doing it, traffic cops around the world and especially in India have taken a strict stance against it, warning offenders, aka the people doing the silly Kiki challenge, against doing so unless they want to encounter the long arm of the law.