Police warns Tik Tok users for dancing in front of moving vehicles

Kerala police warns people jumping in front of vehicles for Tik Tok viral videos

Tik-Tok, also known as Nillu Nillu challenge is going viral in Kerala.. It’s now taken a dangerous turn what with young people are jumping in front of vehicles to perform this challenge. Kerala Police is not impressed and has put out a stern warning, asking young people not to jump in front of vehicles and perform the ‘Nillu Nillu‘ challenge.

If you’re wondering what this is all about, here are a couple of videos that will give you an idea of what’s going on. Only the first 90 seconds of the first video are relevant.

Here’s another video that shows young people stopping vehicles to perform the Nillu Nillu challenge, also known as the Tik Tok challenge.

While nobody knows how the ‘Nillu Nillu’ challenge originated – just like many other things that are the internet’s creation – the song used for this challenge has been around for more than five years now. That makes it all the more mysterious.

Kerala police have made a funny video to warn young people of the dangers that this challenge entails. This is similar to the Kiki challenge warning video that the Kerala police has made a few months ago, again to warn young people participating in the dangers of that challenge. Here, watch it for yourself.

While most bits of the Nillu-Nillu challenge are harmless, especially when done in front of stationary vehicles, things could take a dangerous turn when speeds are involved. Here are the many things that can go wrong when young people, in a dash of exuberance, overdo things.

  1. Drivers are unlikely to brake in time, especially when surprised with a bunch of people unexpectedly jumping in front of the vehicle. This is especially true in case of heavier vehicles such as buses and trucks that carry a lot of momentum.
  2. This is not just dangerous for the people performing the funny act but also the occupants of the vehicle. Serious accidents can be caused when such things happen.
  3. While most recorded bits of the challenge are scripted, there may be a few elements among the young trying to push boundaries while performing this challenge. Things may get out of hand if that happens. For now though, there’s no report of an injury or death caused due to this challenge.

While the cops are yet to crackdown on the Nillu Nillu challenge, things could change in the coming weeks if people get injured or die because of this challenge. And the possibility of this challenge spreading to other parts of the country, and even the world, are real. When on the road, keep an eye out for the young breaking into the ‘Nillu Nillu’ dance with little or no warning.

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