Man blocks the way of state transport bus by deliberately riding slowly: Rs 10,500 FINE issued [Video]

State-owned transport buses are known for their rash driving through the roads. While there have been many instances where the buses have been involved in accidents due to rash driving. Here is an incident where a biker was issued a massive fine after a video of him blocking the way of the bus became viral on the Internet.

The incident happened under the Payannur, Kerala jurisdiction. The youth identified as Pranav by the officials can be seen riding his bike at a slow speed in the front of the bus. The bus was trying to overtake but the biker was blocking his way. The video was made by a passenger, who was travelling on the bus. After he uploaded the video on social media, it became viral and was shared by many.

The ARTO tracked the owner of the bike through the registration number of the bike and issued a challan of Rs 10,500. The exact charges are not mentioned but are likely to be dangerous driving on the public roads and not wearing a helmet among others. The cause for blocking the way of the bus is also not known as the youth has not said anything on the matter. The rider Praveen was called to the office and was handed out the challan.

Man blocks the way of state transport bus by deliberately riding slowly: Rs 10,500 FINE issued [Video]

Highly dangerous

Riding in such a callous manner can be highly dangerous and can lead to fatal accidents too. Since the momentum of heavy vehicles like bus or truck is much higher than the smaller lightweight motor vehicles. High momentum increases the braking distance of a vehicle, which is why riding in front of a heavy vehicle like this is extremely dangerous. Also, it should be noted that the visibility from such buses and trucks is extremely poor and the driver cannot see what is around their vehicles. The bus driver could have easily missed the biker in the blind spot and it could have been disastrous accidents. As we all know, it is always the bigger vehicle that is blamed for accidents in India.

There have been many such instances where the motorists blocked the way of bigger vehicles and even emergency vehicles. There is a law in India that allows authorities to issue a fine of up to Rs 10,000 if the motorist obstructs an emergency vehicle like an ambulance or a fire truck. However, there are no such rules for blocking the way for the other vehicles including government-owned state buses.

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