Kerala Story actress Adah Sharma upgrades to a Mercedes ML250 SUV from a humble Hyundai Creta

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One of the recent Bollywood movies, “The Kerala Story,” has been in the news for various reasons. The movie and its cast were part of a controversy. Some state governments even banned the movie, while others promoted it. However, the movie is still being screened in theaters in various Indian cities. The lead actress in this movie, Adah Sharma, recently met with an accident. Even the director of the movie, Sudipto Sen, was injured in the accident. Fortunately, the whole team survived the accident without major injuries. After the accident, Adah Sharma was recently spotted in a Mercedes-Benz ML 250 luxury SUV.

The video was shared by “Cars For You” on their YouTube channel. This channel usually showcases expensive cars and bikes owned by Indian celebrities and wealthy businessmen. The videos usually show the car for a few seconds, and then the focus shifts mostly to the actor or actress. In this case, it is no different. The video shows a Mercedes-Benz ML 250 luxury SUV entering the building premises. After the car stops, actress Adah Sharma gets out from the rear seats.

She is immediately surrounded by photographers and vloggers. She stops, greets the photographers, and even has a small conversation with them. After posing for pictures and videos, the actress walks into the building. The Mercedes-Benz seen in the video is an ML 250 luxury SUV, which is no longer available in the market. This suggests that the actress recently bought a used car. The demand for luxury cars in India has increased recently, and cars like the ML 250 are available for less than half of their original price due to depreciation.

Kerala Story actress Adah Sharma upgrades to a Mercedes ML250 SUV from a humble Hyundai Creta
Adah Sharma with her ML 250 CDI & Creta

It seems that Adah Sharma has a fondness for the black shade. Before the Mercedes-Benz ML 250, the actress used to have a black Hyundai Creta, which was the previous generation model. There are several images of the actress with the black Hyundai Creta available online. The Mercedes-Benz ML 250 she now owns is also finished in black. Speaking of the Mercedes-Benz, we ran the registration number online and found that it is a 2015 model diesel automatic SUV, and Adah Sharma is the second owner. The Mercedes-Benz ML 250 SUV seen in the video is the diesel version, equipped with a 2143 cc, 4-cylinder, turbocharged engine that generates 23 Bhp and 500 Nm of peak torque. It also comes with Mercedes-Benz’s 4Matic all-wheel drive system.

We are not sure whether Adah Sharma bought this SUV after the accident or if she has been using it for a while and we only recently came across the vehicle. The Hyundai Creta has been the segment leader for years, dominating the mid-size SUV segment since its launch. It quickly became popular among buyers for its premium looks, extensive list of features, variety of engine and transmission options, and a wide-spread service network. Although the competition has become tougher over the years, Hyundai still manages to sell a decent number of Cretas every month.