Kia Seltos prices hiked by Rs. 35,000: Variant-wise price list inside

Kia has become one of the top manufacturers in India soon after entering the Indian market last year. With its first car, the Seltos, Kia is currently selling more vehicles than many other manufacturers in the country. This truly shows the popularity of Seltos in the Indian market. Kia launched the Seltos at an introductory price and now the manufacturer has announced the price increase of the model.

Kia Seltos prices hiked by Rs. 35,000: Variant-wise price list inside

The price increase is applicable on all the variants of the Kia Seltos including the base version of the car. The base version now costs Rs 10.19 lakhs instead of Rs 9.99 lakhs. It is Rs 20,000 hike over the introductory price. GaadiWaadi has shared the full price list of the updated Kia Seltos and here are the details.

Updated Kia Seltos price Introductory Price  2020 Updated price
HTE 1.5 Diesel 9.99 Lakh 10.19 Lakh
HTK 1.5 Diesel 11.19 Lakh 11.49 Lakh
HTK Plus 1.5 Diesel 12.18 Lakh 12.48 Lakh
HTX 1.5 Diesel 13.79 Lakh 14.09 Lakh
HTX DUAL TONE 1.5 Diesel 13.99 Lakh 14.29 Lakh
HTX PLUS 1.5 Diesel 14.99 Lakh 15.29 Lakh
HTX PLUS AT Diesel 15.99 Lakh 16.29 Lakh
GTX PLUS AT 1.4 Petrol 16.99 Lakh 17.29 Lakh
HTE 1.5 Petrol 9.69 Lakh 9.89 Lakh
HTK 1.5 Petrol 9.99 Lakh 10.29 Lakh
HTK Plus 1.5 Petrol 11.19 Lakh 11.49 Lakh
HTX 1.5 Petrol 12.79 Lakh 13.09 Lakh
HTX Dual Tone 1.5 Petrol 12.99 Lakh 13.29 Lakh
HTX CVT 1.5 Petrol 13.79 LAKH 14.09 Lakh
HTX CVT DUAL TONE 1.5 Petrol 13.99 LAKH 14.29 Lakh
GTK 1.4 Petrol 13.49 Lakh 13.79 Lakh
GTK DUAL TONE 1.4 Petrol 13.69 Lakh 13.99 Lakh
GTX 1.4 Petrol 14.99 Lakh 15.29 Lakh
GTX DUAL TONE 1.4 Petrol 15.19 Lakh 15.49 Lakh
GTX AT 1.4 Petrol 15.99 Lakh 16.29 Lakh
GTX PLUS 1.4 Petrol 15.99 Lakh 16.29 Lakh
GTX AT DUAL TONE 1.4 Petrol 16.19 Lakh 16.49 Lakh
GTX PLUS AT Diesel 16.99 Lakh 17.29 Lakh

Kia has increased price by Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000 depending on the variant. The highest price hike is applicable on the Tech Line Diesel variants. The Seltos became extremely popular in the Indian market, especially because of its price. With the hike in price, the RTO charges will also increase and a few variants will fall under a different tax slab altogether. The on-road price increase can be around Rs 60,000 for the top-variant.

It should be noted that Kia dispatched the lowest number of Seltos in the month of December. The exact reason for the low dispatches is not known yet. However, it should be noted that there is a huge waiting period on the Seltos and there are many who have booked the vehicle a while ago and are still waiting to get the delivery. It should be noted that the customers who booked their vehicles before the price hike will have to pay the revised price when they get the delivery of the car.

Nonetheless, the Kia Seltos is expected to remain at the top of the sales chart for the time being. Hyundai will launch the all-new Creta in the Indian market later this year, which will directly take on the Seltos.