Kia Carens & Hyundai Alcazar in a drag race video

Hyundai launched Alcazar in the Indian market last year and Kia launched Carens based on the same platform recently. Both the vehicles offer premium features and available with diesel and petrol engine options. Kia is marketing Carens as an MUV whereas the Hyundai Alcazar is called an three-row SUV. We have seen several comparison videos of both these vehicles online and here we have another video a Hyundai Alcazar competes with Kia Carens in a drag race. Which one would win? Let’s find out.

The video has been uploaded by Aayush ssm on his YouTube channel. In this video vlogger took both the cars to a closed road where they can safely do a drag race. He then talks about engine specifications of both the SUVs. Kia Carens used here is the 1.4 litre turbo petrol variant with a manual gearbox. The Hyundai Alcazar on the other hand gets a 2.0 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine with a manual gearbox. Hyundai does not offer turbo petrol engine with Alcazar that is why vlogger chose the 2.0 litre petrol.

The race was conducted in multiple rounds where drivers even swap the vehicles to get a fair idea on which car is winning. Vlogger starts by sitting inside the Kia Carens. He turns off the AC and asks his fellow driver if he is ready. Both vehicle prepare for the launch at the start line and the race starts. As soon as the race starts, Kia Carens takes the lead immediately and retains that for rest of the round. After touching 100 kmph mark, vlogger starts braking and soon his friend who was driving the Alcazar joins him at the finish line.

Kia Carens & Hyundai Alcazar in a drag race video

His friend mentions that the Alcazar does not deliver the power aggressively. They continue to do another race and the result remained the same. After the second race, vlogger asks his friend to drive the Carens while he drove the Alcazar. It was also a manual version and the AC was turned off in this SUV as well. The race started and just like the first round, the Carens got a good launch and took the lead immediately. As soon as the vlogger pressed the accelerator, electronics inside the Alcazar interrupted in a way that the car itself did not wanted to launch. It slowly delivered the power and the car picked up speed. By the time, Alcazar was starting to show its form, the race had already ended.

Vlogger drove both the SUVs multiple times but, the result remained unchanged. Hyundai Alcazar could not win even one round in this whole race. Hyundai Alcazar has a bigger 2.0 petrol engine that generates 159 Ps and 191 Nm of peak torque. The Kia Carens on the other hand gets a 1.4 litre turbo petrol engine that generates 140 Ps and 242 Nm of peak torque. Although Alcazar generates more power than Carens, the way power is delivered is aggressive in Carens when compared to Alcazar. Weight of the Alcazar was also another reason why it could not even one round in the race. Carens was announced as the winner in this race but, this does not mean Alcazar is not a good car. Both vehicles have their own pros and cons.