Kia Carens rolls over and falls into stream: All 6 airbags deploy and saves passengers [Video]

Accidents are something that nobody wishes for, but they are inevitable. The only thing we can do is ensure that we have all safety measures in place. Safety becomes an even bigger priority when it comes to automobiles because, unlike houses and other places, they are in constant motion, and the more they move, the greater the danger of an accident. Recently, a video of a horrific accident involving a Kia Carens MPV was uploaded online. The good news is that no one was injured, despite the vehicle rolling over and falling into a small stream.

The video of the aftermath of the petrifying accident involving the South Korean automaker’s MPV Carens has been uploaded on YouTube by Raftaar 7811. The video starts with the creator mentioning that the Kia Carens is a mildly safe MPV, which managed to score 3 stars for adult safety and 3 stars for child safety in the Global NCAP safety ratings. The creator then shares several pictures of the car after the accident, in which we can see the car in a rolled-over situation on a stream of water.

According to the creator, the car must have crashed into something quite aggressively at the front because the front of the MPV looks completely mangled up. He then adds that after hitting something, the car could not be controlled and went into the water stream upside down. He added that the bright side of this ordeal was that all of the passengers managed to come out unscathed.

Kia Carens rolls over and falls into stream: All 6 airbags deploy and saves passengers [Video]

Following this, he adds that the passengers stated that they managed to come out of the car because all the airbags were deployed, and no one suffered any major injuries. The creator then added that if it had been a less safe car, like a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, the passengers might not have made it out without injuries. This statement from the YouTuber may sound a little blunt; however, there is no denying that it’s true. Safer vehicles for the country are one of the government’s and manufacturers’ biggest priorities so that fatal accidents can be avoided as much as possible.

Talking about safety, the Kia Carens, the premium MPV from the South Korean carmaker, comes equipped with six airbags, ESC, seatbelt pretensioners, ABS, all-wheel disc brakes, brake assist system, and TPMS as standard across all variants. As mentioned above, the 7-seater MPV Carens scored a 3-star rating in a crash test conducted by the Global New Car Assessment Programme or Global NCAP.

A 3-star rating in the crash test is essentially a mediocre result for an MPV with so many standard safety measures. The Kia Carens received 9.30 out of a possible 17 points for protecting adult occupants. For child protection, Kia Carens received 30.99 out of a possible 49 points. According to Global NCAP, the Carens’ structure and footwell region were unstable, and the body shell was unable to withstand more collisions. Yet, the test notes that the automobile provided the dummies inside the Carens with adequate neck and head protection. Nonetheless, the driver’s chest protection was only considered fair, and knee protection for the front passenger was likewise given a mediocre rating.