Kia Carnival with completely customised interior is super luxurious [Video]

Kia Carnival is currently the flagship MPV from the manufacturer in India. We have seen several videos showing the spacious cabin and features of Ki Carnival online. There have been several customisation videos on the internet as well. We have featured several customisation videos on our website where the interiors on the car are completely transformed to give it a premium of luxurious look. The Kia Carnival comes with a long list of features to make the life of the occupants easier but, for those who want more, her we have a video where the rear cabin on the Carnival has been transformed into a luxury lounge.

The video has been uploaded by My Country My Ride on YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger talking to the vendor who customised the interiors on this Kia Carnival. The work on this Kia Carnival has been done by Autotrade who have over 25 years of  experience in interior customisation. Kia Carnival is generally available in 6 and 7 seater configurations. Autotrade has completely transformed the cabin and it is now looking like a lounge.

The captain seats in the Kia Carnival have been removed and they are replaced with two recliners. There is a panel placed between the seats that has switches and buttons for controlling everything inside the cabin. The seats can be reclined up to 180 degrees to offer a bed like comfort to occupant. The windows get curtains that are controlled electrically as well. There are other features like an 18 litre refrigerator which comes out with the touch a button.

Kia Carnival with completely customised interior is super luxurious [Video]

The cabin can still seat four people. The seats for the other two passengers actually unfold electrically when needed and are comfortable for short distances. There is provision for keeping drinks and classes inside the cabin. The roof liner has been updated and there are Rolls Royce like lights installed in it. The colour of the light can be controlled using a mobile application or a remote. There are AC vents and lights installed on the roof to make things pleasant inside the cabin.

There are two wireless charges, USB ports and a 32 inch smart TV installed in partition wall. The occupant sitting at the back can talk to the driver by pressing an intercom button on the centre console. The driver can also do the same using button. The flooring is completely wooden and the door panels have also been customised. There are ambient lights installed on the door pads and many other places which give the rear cabin a lounge like vibe. The vlogger mentions that this modification has been aimed at those people who like to carry their office with them wherever they go. The Kia Carnival is an extremely spacious MPV which will serve the purpose of an office on wheels for many. The video also shows the driver cabin and overall, the quality of work done on this Kia Carnival looks extremely good. It is probably the only Kia Carnival in India to get such a treatment.