2021 Kia Carnival MPV scores 5 stars in A-NCAP crash test

Kia entered Indian market with Seltos couple of years ago. The SUV quickly became popular among buyers for its bold looks, features and pricing. Seltos actually helped Kia a lot to become popular as a car brand among buyers in India. After the launch of Seltos, Kia launched their luxury MPV Carnival in India. The one available in India is an older generation and in many international markets, Kia has launched the fourth-generation Carnival and it has now scored a 5 star rating in Australian NCAP crash test.

The video has been uploaded by WORLD OF CARS IND on their YouTube channel. The video shows how the fourth-generation Kia Carnival performed in the crash test. Video starts by showing the front offset impact. The Carnival MPV hits an object coming from the opposite direction. In this test, the front of the Kia Carnival absorbed all the impact.

The MPV performed pretty well. The A pillar on the Carnival was impact. The crumble zone absorbed all the impact. As seen in the video, Airbags both front and curtain units were inflated and the occupants were also safe. Kia Carnival also absorbed the side impact very well. The The basic shell on the Kia Carnival MPV looks quite sturdy and that could be one of the reason why, the side impact did not affect the occupants. The doors just absorbed all the impact and the curtain airbags also got triggered. The result was not different when they conducted full width frontal collision. The engine bay absorbed the impact neatly while keeping the occupants safe. It also scored well in the oblique pole test.

2021 Kia Carnival MPV scores 5 stars in A-NCAP crash test

The video shows that, the Kia Carnival is not just safe for the occupants but, also for the pedestrians. The front bumper and bonnet of the fourth generation Kia Carnival are complaint with pedestrian safety norms and are made in a way to cause minimum damage to a pedestrian in case of an accident. As part of the crash test, they also tested the autonomous emergency braking system on the 2021 Kia Carnival. The system avoided collision or mitigated in almost all the tests. The vehicle was not just able to detect vehicles but, pedestrians too. Kia Carnival applied braked whenever it spotted a pedestrian or cyclist on the road.

Overall, 2021 Kia Carnival performed well in all the tests and it makes for a great family MPV. The eight seater version of the MPV was used for all the tests. In India, Kia Carnival is a luxury MPV that is placed above Toyota Innova Crysta. It offers a lot of creature comfort and space on the inside. It is available with a 7, 8 and 9 seater configurations. It is a huge MPV that allows passengers to sit comfortably even on the third row. There is a top-end Limousine version which offers VIP seats, rear seat entertainment screen and other features. It comes with a split sunroof, electrically adjustable seats and so on. It is powered by a 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine that generates 200 Ps and 440 Nm of peak torque. It is not known when Kia would be introducing the next-generation Carnival in Indian market.