Kia Clavis (EV2) Electric SUV Spied Testing for 1st time [Video]

Kia Clavis EV2 electric SUV spotted testing

The South Korean automotive giant, Kia Motors, is gearing up to launch several affordable electric cars. These cars will be offered in a number of international markets and will also come to India. Recently, a new spy video of the Kia Clavis EV has been shared online. This particular test mule was spotted in South Korea. The Clavis EV or EV2 will be the entry point for the premium Kia EVs in India.

Kia Clavis EV test mule

The video of the Kia Clavis EV test mule has come courtesy of Shorts Car from YouTube. It starts with the test mule seen following a truck on the road. It was also seen being followed by a white Kia Seltos. As per the reports, this particular Clavis is different from the one that we have been seeing being tested in our country.

According to sources, the Clavis EV is being tested in South Korea, and the Clavis ICE is being tested in India. However, both of these models will be offered in India. This is being discussed because this particular test mule spotted in South Korea was a right-hand-drive vehicle.

Kia Clavis (EV2) Electric SUV Spied Testing for 1st time [Video]

The other most interesting part about the Clavis EV or the EV2 will be its price point. It has been reported that it will be priced around $15,000. This roughly translates to around Rs 12-12.5 lakh. Once launched, it will become the most affordable Kia EV to be sold in the country.

Kia Clavis Electric (EV2): Design Details

In terms of design, the Kia Clavis EV2 will most likely look the same as the Clavis ICE. From this particular test mule, we can note that it will continue to boast the boxy appearance. The front will be defined by the squared-off bonnet and fenders.

It will most likely get the same split headlamp design. There will be the same vertically mounted LED DRLs and vertically stacked LED headlights as well. There will also be an air dam in the center of the front fascia to cool the batteries. It will most likely also come with ADAS, as noted by the sensors on the front bumper.

Kia Clavis (EV2) Electric SUV Spied Testing for 1st time [Video]

Apart from this, on the side profile, we can note the same style of 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels were on this test mule. Other details that can be observed are the uniquely designed doors. The Clavis EV, like the ICE model, will get pronounced roof rails as well. The rear of this test mule was completely covered.

Back in 2023, a concept of the Kia EV2 was showcased by the brand. It was reported that the EV2, along with the EV3, EV4, and EV5, will be based on Hyundai Motor Group’s E-GMP platform. The company at the moment has not officially revealed any details about its other technical details.

Presently, there are no reported details about the size of the battery pack or its range of this upcoming SUV. However, it is being reported that it could be launched in 2025. Other models like the EV3, EV4, and EV5 could also make their debut in India around 2025-26.