Kia dealer fined Rs. 16 lakh for delivering old Seltos to customer

In another case of a dealership committing fraud, a Kia Motors India dealership has been fined Rs 16 lakh for cheating a customer who booked a Kia Seltos from their dealership. The case has come forward from Amargol Hubli, Karnataka. A Kia Motors India dealership by the name of Nagshanti Kia has been ordered by the District Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum to pay Rs 15,95,110 to a customer for a deficiency in service.

Kia dealer fined Rs. 16 lakh for delivering old Seltos to customer

According to the reports the case was lodged against the dealership on May 28, 2020, by Nagaraj Patil, who is a lecturer at JSS College in Dharwad. The complainant reported that he made a reservation for a Kia Seltos HTK+G Smart Stream 1.5 litre car with FaceLift+ new Bumper with Nagshanti Kia. He stated that on  June 2, 2020, the vehicle which he booked was scheduled for official launch.

Following this the car dealer had delivered a Seltoz HTK+ 1.5 litre vehicle on July 2, 2020. After a month, Nagaraj discovered that the automobile that had been sold to him was not the one he had reserved. He complained that he has been delivered an outdated model.

Patil then claimed that despite his repeated attempts to visit the dealer in search of a replacement, the general manager of Nagshanti KIA reportedly refused to replace the vehicle. Instead, he had informed the buyer that the already-delivered car would be outfitted with the features included in the new model. Patil then took the decision to move to the District Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum as a result. The Nagshanti KIA dealer then contested the claim and said that the complainant was lying and that the company had provided him with the vehicle he had reserved.

In further advancement it was then reported that lshappa Bhute, the forum’s chairman, and members VI Bolishetti and PC Hiremath came to the judgement that Nagshanti KIA had not delivered the vehicle that the complainant had ordered after listening to arguments on both sides and reviewing the documentation made available. According to them, it amounted to a failure to provide the requested service and a breach of the Consumer Protection Act.

The forum in its official statement stated, “In any business trust is most important but, in this case, Nagshanti KIA dealers have made a breach of trust and cheated the customer by delivering an old model vehicle. When the customers buy costly items, they should also be careful about the quality of the item delivered to them,”

Also, the forum ordered that the dealer supply an HTK+G Smart Stream 1.5 litre car with a facelift and a new bumper within a month. In addition, it stipulated that if Nagshanti disobeyed the order, it was required to pay the client Rs 14.85 lakh back with 8% interest starting on 2 July 2020 as well as Rs 1 lakh in damages for whatever difficulty they had to endure. The Forum ordered the dealer to pay an additional Rs 10,000 towards expenditures within one month of the judgment.

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